Monday, 29 June 2009

We are really sorry for the absence

We are so very sorry that we left you all in the lurch, I just got really overwhelmed with keeping up with the blogging as well as a very hectic life - my boss got made redundant in January, increasing my workload hugely.

All is well with all of us. Harry is still doing really well despite a bit of a creaky back leg, not that he'll admit to it. He had his 12th birthday in March. Cassidy is now 21 months and still a silly puppy in personality, though has grown into a very beautiful young lady (I'm biased I know).

Here are a few photos from the last 6 months.

In February we had a LOT of snow, more than I've seen for years, Cassidy loved it, Harry wasn't all that impressed!

In March we went to Crufts with Cassidy and she did really well, getting a 2nd in Airedale Terrier junior bitch and a 1st in the Airedale Terrier Kennel Club Good Citizen class

She spends lots of time catching up on her beauty sleep!

They have been out and about lots with their pals.

Harry has yet again got sick and tired of me taking photos of him!

Cassidy was very unimpressed that I stripped her right down to her underwear!

Look at that happy face!

But she has kept on winning

They have enjoyed spending lots of time with their human "sisters".

And the gangle puppy has turned into a swan. At the beginning of June Cassidy won the Airedale Terrier bitch reserve Challenge Certificate at Southern Counties Championship show, which means she gets her stud book number and is now Crufts qualified for life. I am very proud of my beautiful girl.

And Harry is as handsome as ever, I just invested in a set of professional clippers and he had a much needed Airecut and is a much happier chap.

I will try to get back into the blogging, but it seems so hard to keep up with the many bloggers, but I have missed reading what you're all getting up to.
Hopefully you can forgive us and sorry for worrying you. Now I just need to work out how to get the blog out of Dutch or German or whatever language it seems to be in on all the buttons etc!
Katy x