Friday, 29 February 2008

Internet Woes

Hello, Katy here. We are in the process of changing over internet providers and have no internet access at home at present. Hopefully we will be up and running again early next week.

I'm posting this from work quickly (shh!). Harry and Cassidy have lots to tell you about - awards, Airecuts, more family news, birthdays...the list goes on.

Talk to you all soon.

Katy x

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Treats From Bogart

Hello chaps! Yes, I finally wrestled the keyboard from young Cassidy! She's been having all sorts of fun playing with her siblings! We both went out today to our Airedale club show. It was jolly good fun - Airedales everywhere, and I got so many cuddles and ear rubs from everyone for being such a big fluffy teddy bear! Arthur, who is Cassidy's "uncle" won best in show!

Molly and Taffy gave us a Funky Blog award! What an honour. I feel I am rather too old to be funky really, but nonetheless I am rather pleased. We will pass it on to Stanley and Stella, Sophie La Brador and Joey and Tanner.

Look what arrived! I was getting a tad worried that the customs hounds had made off with our package of scrumptious treats from Chez Bogart, but fear not - Royal Mail delivered them safe and sound!

Even before ma opened the package, both Cassidy and I could smell that something utterly delectable was contained within. Ma couldn't get a photo without one of our snouts making an appearance!

And I almost climbed on the dining table in an effort to get at those delectable dried beef heart strips!

Cassidy is ordinarily rather good at the puppy dog eyed look of "please give me a treat", but she took the game to a higher level.

Look at me! I'm almost mesmerised by the aroma of the goodies wafting before my big juicy Airedale nose.

And launch! They were jolly yummy! If Chez Bogart is going into treat production, we'll be placing some orders, no question! Thank you Bogart, you're a friend indeed.

Toodle pip

Harry x

Friday, 22 February 2008

Family Fun Part 2

So my family fun didn't end with seeing my brother Mick and sissy Lottie. Me wented to grooming class and my other sissy Roxy be there, whee! This piccy be me at back, Roxy at front and Poppy on the right. She be a Sherifs Airedale too and she have same mummy and daddy as Angel Oscar, and Arthur who lives with Mick. Arthur and Poppy be from an earlier litter than Oscar though cos they be 4 now.

Here be me, Roxy, my friend Ruby who I telled you about before, and big Archie who be a friend of Oscars. We be having good sniff around cos there be lots of nice smells in the yard.

Here be Roxy again, but me got my tail in the way of her pretty face, sorry Roxy!

Big Harry has teached me well and me did border patrol of yard to check for squirrels and things.

Me no finded any squirrels. Me is standing nice in this photo. Me has to practice standing for if me do shows. Me needs to have my back legs more straight though, not one in front of other.

This be Jasper. If you remember photos from when mummy and daddy and E & J wented to fun day when Mojo weared Oscar's cowboy outfit, mummy says Jasper be a groom and his sissy be a bride. He be so handsome. Mummy says she hopes she can groom me this well someday!

Here Jasper be keeping an eye on Roxy and making sure she no drinks dirty water out of drainpipe, but he didn't see that me had already did it, tee hee!

Me leaves you with a video of us all. Can you see me? Me be one with harness on who be sat between two people near start. Russell and Archie be being silly boys and barking at each other and made me jump little bit!

Big Harry says hello. He be having peace and quiet at home with daddy when me meeted my brother and sissies. Me might let him post next time, but me do be a bossy boots so me might change my mind, tee hee!


Cassidy x

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Family Fun Part 1

Hi hi everyone. Me had exciting day the other day. Me wented back to where me be borned to see my brother Mick, whee! Me went before Christmas too, but mummy had no much battery for camera, boo.

This time she taked lots and lots of photos, so now you gonna be bored, tee hee!

We be scary one headed, two bodied Airedale pup in this photo, argh!

Mick be the one that be all nicely groomed, me be not so good one!

Me no knows what my ears be doing in this photo! Me be giving mummy mean look too, naughty girl.

Me be bossy boots so me putted Mick on floor lots, whee! He loved it really me thinks.

Look at my scary teethies. Even me be little bit scared of me! But we no be hurting each other, we just be playing bitey face game.

We getted tired so had to have little lie down, but we still be playing.

See, Mick be rolling on floor again, he loves it silly boy!

Here is video of us playing. Ignore all silly humans nattering away!

But then the day getted even better! My sissy Lottie arrived too, whee! Here we all be - Mick on left, Lottie in middle, and then me about to get squished against wall, tee hee.

Lottie be one with longest hair. She be all cute and fuzzy still cos her mummy no be mean and pull lots of her hair out...yet! She going to be doing more so watch out Lottie!

Now it be three way bitey face game time!

Silly Mick be on the floor AGAIN! Boys be so silly!

There be a bit too much sunshine in these photos. We be looking at Arthur cos he be barking lots cos he be missing out on the fun.

Then we had to greet M our breeder when he came through gate with cups of tea for the humans.

Here be cutie Lottie. Me hopes me sees her again soon cos she be fun to play with.

And here be handsome Mick. We be exactly same height, but he be broader than me cos he be boy and me be quite a dainty girlie. We both be 19.5" to the withers, which be posh name for shoulders me thinks.

Here Lotties mum Emma be giving us treats, yum! Me be eating mine, Mick be waiting for his.

Me leaves you with some videos and more photos of us all. Again, ignore all the humans chattering away, and watch out for Arthur's ear peircing shrieky barking!

There be mre family fun, but me tells you about that another day!
Cassidy x

Monday, 18 February 2008

New Camera

Me thinks big Harry telled you that mummy and daddy getted new camera. Well mummy got to read through BIG book of instructions, but she tried out few snaps of us.

Here me be out in frosty garden chewing on a plastic box. Yes, be bit naughty me knows, but me be teething and be better than furniture. My back look all curved and funny cos me be pulling box around garden, whee!

Here be close up of my cheeky face, tee hee!

It be all nice and frosty on grass. Me likes to snuffle my nose in the frost.

These be inside house shots. Me thinks you can see our hair texture better than old camera. Me has my Kong in mouthy. Me carries it round lots cos me likes playing fetch with it.

Big Harry no likes this photo cos he think he looks fat, but me thinks he just looks like big fluffy teddy bear! Me heared that he be going for Airecut next week.

See, big Harry might be nearly 11, but he can still do standy uppy on back legs to give daddy kisses.

And of course you know that he be liking his ear rubs!

Mummy needs much more practice cos camera be able to do lots of whizzy things. Guess me needs to pose lots!

Cassidy x

Friday, 15 February 2008

Happy Valentines

We've been frightfully busy having fun at Koobuss' Valantine's Bash Mount Hairy Lodge, but have found a minute to log on to show you our Valentine's. Cassidy seems to be having fun, and I think we'll keep quiet when we see ma and pa about her ski lessons. I have very much enjoyed Maggie's company, and I hope the feeling is mutual.

I also had an email from Balboa the other day to let me know that his daddy had chosen me as winner of the last caption competition on his blog!

We received this beautiful Valentine greeting from Randi!

And this very sweet greeting from Asta!

Finally, we received this from Lele and Tris, isn't it sweet?

Ma's new camera arrives tomorrow. She's bought a Nikon D40, so you'll either be seeing lots more photos of us (if she can work out how to use it), or far less (if she can't)!

Toodle pip

Harry x

Monday, 11 February 2008

Meeting Fergus and Bridie

We couldn't decide which of us should tell you about our fun day yesterday, so we're sharing the blogging. I rather think you'll be able to tell who is typing when!

Yesterday was a simply fabulous day! For starters we have had mild sunny weather here all weekend which always makes on feel happy don't you think? Secondly we got to go on a drive in the car! I love travelling in the car, especially on a lovely sunny day when you can open the window and feel the breeze through your beard! And for those of you who are safty minded, I am strapped in I assure you.

Here you can see me cruising along keeping a look out for any pretty fillies that might have been out for a Sunday stroll.

Me no be able to reach out of window so me be bit sulky. Me likes to sit in J's car seat so me be bit higher, but daddy had putted it in the boot, boo. Me got my car seat belt on like good girly though, and me only asked "do we be there yet?" every 5 minutes so me not be too annoying tee hee.

After about an hour's drive, we pulled up outside this stunning house. That bird on the roof is made out of thatch as is the roof. Isn't it a quaint cottage? This is your typical English country cottage!

And look who was in the garden waiting for us! This is Fergus, and he is dear Oscar's litter brother. Can you see any similarity? Ma and pa don't think they looked too alike, and ma is quite glad in a way as it's not so upsetting as it might have been if they'd been like two peas in a pod. He's a very sweet boy like Oscar was though.

Fergus came to say hi hi to me! He be lovely boy and me go waggy waggy tail.

Fergus wanted to play!

We were both very pleased to meet him. I think you may be able to tell from the blurred photo that there was lots of tail wagging going on in all quarters! Don't I look giant compared to him, and he's not a particularly small boy. A lot of it is fluffiness not podginess I assure you (though that counter surfing sessionthe other day may have added a pound or two!).

Mummy said "smile for camera", but me and Fergus no wanted picture taken so we did co-ordinated look away, tee hee! You may see that Fergus got bandage on back paw. He had cutted it a few days before and it was all wrapped up.

It no stopped us having a play. Mummy be bit worried about my leggy, but me beed careful (kind of!)

And look who else we meeted! She be little bit camera shy.

Yes, this lovely lady is Bridie, Fergus' sister. She's 13, and guess what? She's one of my relatives! Gosh, isn't it a small world! The ma's thought we looked a little alike and it turns out we're both Loudwell Airedales! She must have been from the litter before me! Ma has a copy of Bridie's pedigree now so she's going to dig mine out to see how closely related we are!

Anyway, she's a sweet old girl, bit achy round the joints but still full of fun. We had a good amble about and a chat about the woes of having a younger sibling while the whippersnappers raced about like loonies.

After the mummies and daddies had had cup of tea and done lots of talking, we all getted in cars, Me was bit sad cos we had only beed there little while and me no wanted to go home yet, but daddy said we be going to the New Forest for walkies with Bridie and Fergus, whee!

Look how nice and sunny it be! Does you see how long my legs getted? Mummy calls me "Bambi!". Me did my best woe is me face cos me wanted to go off lead. Me promised me wouldn't do crazy zoomies.

Daddy said OK, whee! But me beed good girly, no jumping about or doing fast turns. Look at my scary shadow, eek!

I was allowed off lead too as I am getting more and more reliable off lead now.

I did find however that I tended to blend rather well into the undergrowth!

What do you think of my camouflage techniques?

I think I could be part of a crack commando squad hiding out in the forest!

One thing about the New Forest is that there are lots of ancient rights granted to those who live within the forest boundary. One of these is that "commoners" are allowed to graze their ponies, cattle and pigs here, and there were ponies EVERYWHERE!

I was utterly transfixed by the ponies. I had never seen any before, never mind ones wandering about right by me. I did lots of playbowing at them, but none of them seemed interested in playing with me. They did produce some lovely tasty treats though, so all was not lost!

Can you see me through the rays of sunshine? Me went to say hello to pony. He be very nice. Me be big brave girl cos he be very BIG. Me no getted too close cos he might kick me and me no wants to go back to vets for looooooooooooooong time!

There also be lots of water places in forest. Me no has seen water like this before so me be very interested.

But it be quite icky and brown so me decided not to go in for splishy splash.

Before we went back to Fergus and Bridie's house we posed for some photos. It's not an easy task to get 4 Airedales to look at the camera at once I can tell you, but I think we all look rather lovely nonetheless! From left to right it's Fergus, Bridie, Cassidy and myself.

Me be tired after walkie, but it be so much fun! New Forest be very pretty, and me enjoyed meeting ponies.

When we getted back to Fergus and Bridie's house the mummies and daddies had lunch. Harry and Bridie had a relax while me and Fergus played lots of bitey face. Me did little bit of gardening for Fergus' mummy and daddy too, tee hee!

Then it be time to put car harness back on and say bye bye. Me be sulky cos me no wanted to go home so me no looked at camera. Me be having lots of fun, whee! Mummy and daddy said we can come back soon though!

Here's handsome Fergus saying toodle pip. I know we'll meet up soon and I'm jolly glad.

Thanks ma and pa for a fantastic day out. We're both going to sleep well!

Harry and Cassidy x