Friday, 30 November 2007

Christmas Is Coming!

Hello chaps and chapesses! Well, before we've even got our Christmas cards written, we have already received three beautiful cards! We have told ma she needs to help us out, but she is revising for exams next week. She has promised to help us write and post them next week, so they should soon be winging their merry old way. Jolly good!

Ma tried to get Cassidy to pose nicely and not chew them to bits. As you can see she managed, although the little miss doesn't look too happy! We have received cards from Simba, Comet and Blu and Lenny. Comet and Blu and Lenny are new friends now, which makes this Christmas card exchange even more fun!

Simba also sent us this rather lovely rawhide stocking complete with rawhide lollipops. Thanks awfully Simba!

Ma said that we had to share and that Cassidy should probably have the actual stocking as the coloured lollipops may make her a bit loopy. I say that should read more loopy!

Ma was going to record me eating the lollipop to show you how fast I gobble treats, but this photo was all the evidence she got! By the time she had pressed record it was in my tum! Ah well, there's two more to eat, so she may yet get it on film. It was jolly nice I have to say!

Cassidy on the other hand took a bit more time despite those ever so sharp puppy razor teeth.

It will keep her quiet for a while at least! Ma kept an eye on her, but even after an hour she had barely made a dent on it!

Although she does seem to have turned into a bat as a side effect of chewing it!

Did you see that we had our Christmas bandannas on in those photos? That's because we had been posing for our Christmas card photo. The actual photo is a secret for now, but if you look at the next photo of Cassidy you'll see why I'm so happy!

Har har! Look what she had to wear! I told ma a bandanna and no more, but young Cassidy is not as good at me as standing up for herself, and I wasn't about to help out as I needed a good chuckle!

Ta ta for now all. I hope you all have an excellent weekend.

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Awards & Well Wishes

Hello chaps and chapesses. Yes it's me, Harry. I haven't yet been entirely eaten by Cassidy the Crocodale, though I fear it's only a matter of time.

Our very lovely friend Noah and his sisters Lucy, Tess and Willow, as well as our beautiful Beagle friends Jazz and Dixie gave us the Community Blogger Award. I personally think Noah deserves a medal never mind an award for coping with three sisters!

This award, "The Community Blog Award", is to recognise bloggers who celebrate those who reach out & make the blogger community a better one. It also underlines the importance of a blog's readership community, one of the most rewarding parts about blogging. It's those who come back to comment, adding to the conversation making you feel like someone is listening and interested.

Thanks awfully. We would like to pass this to all our friends. We have both had such a warm welcome from Oscar's friends, as well as making new friends, and we feel very special.

We also wanted to send a huge amount of Aire-zen to dear little Jaffa, who is poorly at the moment after he found and ate a big bottle of Advil tablets. Stay strong and keep smiling little man, you have the very best care from Auntie Janice the vet, your mum Elaine and Miss Sunshade, as well as all of us sending good vibes and prayers your way.

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Me Do Walkies

Today me be 11 weeks old. Me be big grown up girl. Now me has been stabbed two times by Emma vet lady me can go out in big wide world, wheeee! (mummy: she has had her vaccinations and waited a week after the last one).

Harry love his walkies. He says ready, set go!

Me be ready too, me be brave girl. Me keep tail in air even when me meeted some big doggies. We meeted Bosley who be Oscar's friend. Mummy said he be a Wheaten Terror. We meeted a Cairn Terror too and a pug doogie like pretty Suki and Clover. Mummy no take piccies. She be watching that me is safe with new doggies. Me sniff doggies and me waggy tail. Me like making new friends.

Me is quite god walking on lead me think. Is first time and is bit strange, but is OK.

Me walk with J. She like me lots but she cry when I bite her bit hard yesterday. Sorry J, I no mean make you cry.

Harry walk with E. He be good boy and no pull too much.

See, we like our walkie in sunshine, whee!

Me go whizzy whizzy whee. Harry has big legs and he walk quick. Me has to run to catch big Harry so piccie all blurry.

Me catched Harry and he say "Don't landshark me Whippersnapper" so me no bitey.

I love me big Harry lots and me want to walk with him. Mummy says me has to go out on my own too, so Harry no always look after me.

It was fun! When we get home me be sleepy, so me go to bed and go night night.

Harry be sleepy too. He go night night on chair, it be naughty. Me no get on chair. Me no have big leggies to get on chair!

Me want to go walkies again tomorrow, whee!
Cassidy x

Monday, 19 November 2007

A Tale Of Our Tails!

Hello old chaps, how the devil are you all? What about that poker night, eh? Wasn't a splendid time had by all? I didn't play at the same table as Cassidy, but I hear she was quite the poker pro! I can only hope she shares some of her winnings with your truly.

As well as the poker, we also went to grooming class yesterday. We were hoping to meet young Mojo, but alas she wasn't there. Ma forgot to take the camera, so we have no piccies I'm afraid. I mostly just sniffed around, tried to avoid being humped by Oscar's pal Archie (I had to tell him off several times with some big barks and growls), and getting lots of cake from ladies who thought I was extremely handsome. Cassidy got lots of cuddles, and had a few hairs pulled from her ears as she was a calm girl and Ruth who runs the class wanted to show someone with a very lively 14 week old puppy what to do. We also met the pa of Cassidy's other sister. Her name is Roxy. We now have their email, so it will mean we can keep in touch with both of her sisters (Lottie and Roxy) and at least one brother (Mick). It made me a bit sad wondering if any of my relatives are anywhere out there. Maybe ma and I can do some family tree research. I am a Loudwell Airedale (Loudwell Tawny Owl), but I know my breeder died several years ago, and that I was possibly from the last litter she bred.

So after such a hectic weekend, we have been doing lots of this today. Cassidy was apparently upside down too in true Airedale style, but ma disturbed her and she flopped onto her side. I was fast asleep and in the land of nod. I think I have managed to maintain my dignity haven't I?

I know lots of you have been posting photos of your tails, so I thought we may as well join in. Our tails are a good comparison as I am docked and Cassidy is not as it is now against the law here except in some very specific circumstances.

I have a nice chunky tail of about the right length for a docked Airedale. It is pretty much always held nice and high other than when blasted fireworks are going off! It is grey grizzle coloured on top, and tan underneath.

Cassidy has her whole tail. She carries it quite high off her back most of the time. I suppose as she grows the set of her tail may change. At the moment she only has a little strip of tan on the underside, but as she gets older she will lose lots of her black puppy fur from her face, body and tail, leaving her with just the typical black Airedale saddle. She will almost certainly lose her white paws, and maybe some of her white chest blaze too.

Well, I sincerely hope you found that informative!

Toodle pip,

Harry x

Friday, 16 November 2007

Fun In The Garden

Hi hi! Mummy said me get to do computer pawing for first time, whee! Me is getting big girl. Harry be helping me.

Me like grass outside. Me go whizzy round and round. Me like to watch mummy with silver box and say hi hi mummy, take picture of pretty me.

Me like to chew chew on the grass, yummy!

And me like to chew chew on the mini tree, yummy!

My furs is getting longer. Mummy says she is going to pull my hairs at grooming class and me will be able to play with Mojo. Me pulls Harry beard but mummy says is not same.

Mummy says Oscar do gardening, so me want to be like Oscar.

Me like to bouncy bouncy, it make my tummy go all wheeeee!

Big Harry try to tell me garden patrol but me like to play instead.

He say "Cassidy,we have to check for squirrels, concentrate", me say "chase me big Harry!"

Big Harry say "We have to check on ginger cat next door". Me say "I do gardening like Oscar".

Big Harry look at mummy for help, mummy just laughs.

Me loves my Harry. He roll me like hedgehog, it be fun!

Me run too fast for silver box, me a black blur, wheee!

Me loves to run fast round and round and round to me is dizzy.

When me be tired I do little bit of garden patrol with big Harry. Me want to be a good little sister.

Do we be cute?

Cassidy x

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Cheap Toys

Isn't it always the way with children and puppies? You can buy the best toys, and an empty cardboard box is still far more appealing!

Daddy brought this home from work and so far it is proving to be very popular.

Mind you, at the rate it's being nibbled I don't think it will be around for long, but at least they're in plentiful supply!

Don't you just love her cute little puppy bottom? She's going to hate these photos when she's older!

Yes, boxes are fun to chew, but fingers are even tastier!

I wasn't quick enough to catch the leap out of the box, just the feet!

Katy and Martin x

Friday, 9 November 2007

Firework-Free Friday!

Yawn, stretch, yawn...ah, hello there old chaps, how the devil are you all? I have made it through the fireworks, hurrah!

Well, what a busy week I've had with little Miss Cassidy. She certainly is a cutie, but she's feisty too. I have to confess to being a bit nervy of her at times when she's whizzing around. Also, she keeps trying to grab my *ahem* personal area if you know what I'm saying. I had to tell her off for that as it's just not on. I haven't played with any toys or anything with her yet, she's not tempted me to try them out. Maybe in time I will try joining in as it does seem like she finds chasing a ball around fun. Each to their own I suppose.

I have been getting lots of fusses so I know that I'm number one special boy. I know that anyway, but ma and pa don't want me to feel left out. I also got a nice new Nylabone which tastes of bacon, nice!

I am wearing Oscar's bandanna which is part of his cowboy outfit as it has my special firework spray on it. I'll tell you more about that in another post. Ma felt a bit funny about me wearing it, but they spray needed to be put on something like a hankie or bandanna so she let me wear it. I'm sure Oscar won't mind, especially as I could never hope to look as handsome as him!

And as if one little lady vying for my attention wasn't enough, look who else is muscling in on my dinner! Yes, I know I have eaten her food a few (OK several) times since I came to live here, but now she's realised that I'm a much calmer boy around her than Oscar and thinks she can take liberties by stealing my dinner! The bowl says "dog" Miss Flakes!

Lucky for me, Cassidy likes to sleep as much as I do, and has the ability to sleep anywhere and everywhere! I really think she should go back to the to see the vet about that big yellow growth on her head don't you?

She can actually manage to keep her tongue inside her mouth while she's asleep. Maybe there is hope!

And yes, she can do the upside down Airedale classic sleeping style, excellent! I have done it a few times now, but so far ma hasn't had the camera to hand, super news for me!

And like me, she prefers a comfy bed for her bottom rather than her head. Do you see that she has Flakes' old bed? I hope she doesn't get a complex about being a cat! And all her Kong toys are blue as ma and pa bought them when they thought they were getting a boy! She's going to grow up to be a tomboy who purrs and meows!

And she can even fall asleep mid play! Maybe she has narcolepsy. Ma says she needs lots of sleep as she's growing so fast. She'll always be smaller than me though!

Happy weekend all. E and J are here, so we'll be having a busy time I'm sure. Hopefully we can go on some nice walks too as I haven't been keen on going out of late because of the bangs and whizzes. Now things have quietened down I can make up for lost time!

Toodle pip,

Harry x

Monday, 5 November 2007

Settling In Well

Well young Cassidy has settled in beautifully. She is doing great with her toilet training. We have run outside so she follows when she wakes up or after meals, but when she is out playing in the lounge she has actually been going and pawing at the patio door when she needs to go!! It may be a fluke and perhaps she'll be peeing and pooping everywhere next week, but we are impressed. I know at the breeders they were all taken out after meals etc, so perhaps she really has got some idea about what she needs to do.

She is doing well at settling in her crate. I have been popping her in there when she falls asleep in the day, and at night we have been putting a warm hot water bottle in her bed. She has been waking at 2am for toilet, but that's OK. Harry has wanted to go out then anyway as he hasn't been going out to toilet in the evenings anyway because of all the Guy Fawkes night fireworks. He really hates them, she couldn't care less. If I sit by her crate in silence she quickly falls back to sleep. She wakes again at about 6 - 6.30 and is ready for breakfast then. Luckily I am a light sleeper and don't need a lot of sleep. Martin hasn't even heard her crying!

She loves, loves, loves her food! She is having 4 meals a day - two of biscuit (kibble) and two of Weetabix with milk. We have been putting her biscuits meals in Kongs and she enjoys working at getting the food out and it means she doesn't gobble it down.

We have just been to see Emma the vet for her check up and first vaccinations. She took it all in her stride. She weighs 3.6 kilos (almost 8 pounds). The vet said she felt a tiny bit "ribby" and that increasing her biscuits by 10 or 15 pieces a meals should help out. She reckons she'll be about 5 kilos by the time she goes back for her next injection.

She likes playing with toys, mostly fetch or dragging toys around and around the coffee table!

She isn't that mouthy for an Airedale puppy (so far!). She does nibble, but it is mostly gentle, and she will stop if you let out a squeal! Hopefully this will continue!

And now to embarrass her! Look what happens when she's really fast asleep!

What a cute little tongue! She has no black dots on it like Oscar, Sunshade and a lot of other Airedales seem to.

It looked like she was suckling in her sleep, so perhaps she was dreaming about being back with mum having some milk. Sorry it's so dark, it's a gloomy day here.

And do you remember that nice gate and fence that Martin and Oscar built earlier in the year? Well, madame is still small enough to get through the gaps! I reckon in another week she won't be able too, so we need to be extra careful she doesn't get wedged.

She loves running around the lawn, picking up leaves and grabbing at plants.

Though working out how to get back through the fence isn't so easy!

Shall we take bets on how long the barbecue cover survives?!

Harry says hello and he'll catch up with you soon. He's hiding from the Bonfire Night fireworks, bless him.

Katy and Martin x