Friday, 19 December 2008

More "T"?

Hello there everyone, I hope you're all well. Thought you might like to see some more photos from the rest of our long weekend with "T". He's now gone off to his smashing new home, but hopefully we'll keep in touch and meet up again for a walk in the spring.

As you can see, Ma & Pa decided to brave a tree, and so far so good. No watering of said tree by either myself or T, and no stealing of baubles by Miss C.

The girls came at the weekend, so we all had a superb time together, including a bit of Twister. My old joints aren't too creaky yet you see!

"T" relaxed after his first unsettled night in true Airedale fashion!

And he soon got the hang of posing for the camera!

Even when pa decided he wanted ma to take a ridiculously silly shot. He said we looked like Siamese twins!

Us boys caught up on our nap times when Cassidy was quiet for more than 5 minutes.

But then it was back to being bossed around by young Madame for poor old "T" - though I think he secretly liked it!

Toodle pip
Harry x

Friday, 12 December 2008

A Weekend Visitor

What's this? Three fuzzy bottoms in our house? What's going on?!

OK, so one is Big Harry, but who's the even bigger boy on the right?

It's our new friend "T". He needed a new home at very short notice, and as we lived nearby, we are looking after him until Tuesday when he will go to his forever home which is about 2 hours away.

He's a real gentle giant. He is nearly 2 years old, and a big overgrown puppy. Mummy and daddy picked him up yesterday, then when they got home we all went walkies, then we came home and we are all getting along brilliantly. Ignore all the junk in the photos, that's our temporary kitchen!

He is a bit sad and confused, but we are keeping him busy with lots of play, walkies and cuddles. Daddy slept on the sofa last night as "T" couldn't settle. I don't think daddy really got much sleep though, tee hee! Hopefully tonight he'll be more settled.

Isn't he cute? Him & Big Harry are like big fuzzy twins. He is great at bitey face, and unlike Big Harry, he doesn't get tired EVER!

He poked his tongue out at mummy. He'd obviously had enough of the puparazzi. I told him he'd better get used to it while he's here.

We will update you on how our weekend is going. We also have our new kitchen now, so have to tell you about that too! What an exciting week!

Cassidy x

Monday, 8 December 2008

I Want To Be Your Teddy Bear!

Hello chaps and chapesses. Well here for your viewing pleasure is the photographic proof of just how much of a fuzz ball I am at present! Even more so since I had a bath the other night!

Yes, I know this was supposed to be my turn to post, but that little minx of a sister of mine just can't bear to be left out of the action. You'll see she's not always so photogenic as she was in her last post though!

But she does give nice kissies, and I suppose that does count for a lot.

And she's also really good at bitey face, but I definitely have the biggest mouth and teeth!

It's my head that seems to have got the fuzziest, so I do appear a bit "top heavy".

My legs are still quite short from when pa clipped them in the summer when I was getting all itchy and scratchy.

I do think I look rather cute, and I am getting even more attention than ever when we are out for walkies (and far more than Cassidy!) as everyone just wants to give me scritchies and cuddles, and I'm not complaining!

So I hope all of you that like me being a fuzzy wuzzy teddy bear are now happy. It'll be clippered off in the spring when I'll probably have turned into a tumbleweed with legs!

Toodle pip
Harry x

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Cassidy, Cover Girl

Hi hi everyone, we got photos to upload, whee!

I am now 14 months old (well, nearly 15 actually!) and as you can see, I am looking all grown up. Well, I suppose I am still a bit of a leggy teenager, but I am getting there, although I still make lots of time for acting like a very silly puppy, tee hee!

Mummy took these photos last time I went to Wales to see my mum, brother and my breeders. I like posing for the camera!

This is my serious face. The background on this photo isn't very attractive and the light behind my beard makes it look a bit funny.

I look a nice rich tan on this photo, but I'm not really standing properly. I could hear my mum barking so was quite distracted.

I love the pretty flowers on this photo, but I really do look a skinny ribs on this one!

This is my favourite. I am standing nice and alert (there were pheasants in the field next door!).

Big Harry had a bath last night and he is now bigger and fluffier than ever. I will get mummy to take some photos of him today and he can post them next time. He certainly shouldn't feel the cold this winter!
Cassidy x