Thursday, 27 November 2008

Grr, No Photos

Hi hi everyone!

Grr, silly blogger just won't let us upload any photos. The add photos screen all looks really weird and before we even try to add any the thingy at the bottom says "uploading photos".

Anyway, we are fine. Big Harry is much happier now all the bangy fireworks have stopped (well, until New Year anyway, but shhh, let's not tell him that yet!). He is a big woolly bear at the moment, but mummy and daddy say he can keep his fuzz until spring so he stays all toasty warm and his joints don't get so stiff. I am now nearly 15 months old, whee! I still act like a silly puppy most of the time though.

We had daddy's brother, sister-in-law and their baby who is 16 months old come to stay last weekend. Everyone thought I might be a bit boisterous, but I was a little angel even if I do say so myself. I gave him lots of kissies, let everyone know when he needed his nappy changing by sniffing his bottom, and played fetch nicely with him, even though he is worse at throwing the ball than mummy (and that's saying something, tee hee!).

Mummy and daddy have decided to risk having a Christmas tree this year, so I will try really hard not to try and eat it or steal any baubles. We are not going to put it up until the weekend of 13th/14th December though as we have our sparkly new kitchen fitted starting on the 8th December and we will have to stack all the pots and pans etc in the lounge. We have been told we will have to stay in the lounge behind the baby gate while the kitchen fitters are here in case they leave the front door open, but we're both fine with that as long as we can nosey at what they're up to and get some ear rubs from them.

Well, we'll try to upload some photos over the weekend.

Cassidy x

Thursday, 6 November 2008


Hello there,

I thought you might all like to have seen why ma has been too busy recently to help us get any blogging done!

As you will see, the living room and hall have undergone major redecoration! They have both been working very hard to get it all done, and I think the end result is jolly nice. It certainly feels much cosier in there now.

Cassidy even got a posh new toy box, as ma deemed her old plastic crate not in keeping with the new "grown up" lounge. Young Cassidy has PROMISED not to chew it, and she's been true to her word so far....

The big round dining table has gone. It was always too big for this room really and awkward to fit anywhere. We donated it to a very nice family who were in need. They also took the old little sofa. We are glad they have gone to a nice family who had fallen on hard times.

The new table folds up to the size of a sideboard (one leaf of the table is up in the photo) and takes up much less space.

We've also got a new TV cabinet. And some rather groovy wallpaper, as you can see! Pa did all the wallpapering himself. He and ma shared the painting duties, and ma was in charge of accessorising! I was in charge of making muddy nose and paw prints on the patio windows, har har!

I have been getting used to walking on the previously scary wooden floors and I am now very confident on them, so we were able to take up all the old rugs which forever looked mess, and get one nice new rug. Notice who was quick to adopt it. And yes, posh new toy box with her toys in and that is a milk carton she's chewing!

And here's the super comfy new sofa! There is plenty of room for us (and ma and pa too I suppose!). And they even got a dark colour and had it treated with Scotch Guard so we could share it without making it messy too quickly. That's love I tell you. Yes, she's still playing with the milk carton...

The new rug is all bobbly but very comfortable. You can have a snooze and a massage all in one!

It's also good for posing on if you're so inclined. Can you see her beard is covered in red fluff from the rug. When ma first noticed she thought it was blood and was inspecting Cassidy's mouth and teeth looking for an injury until pa pointed out what it might be, har har!

The hall is still a work in progress, but it already looks bigger and brighter after painting and taking up the old rugs.

I still have my little hidey hole under the stairs, so I'm very happy about that!

I'll leave you with my favourite spot on the sofa!

Toodle pip,
Harry x