Thursday, 28 August 2008

I Love Pa!

We really are getting bad at updating our blog, tut tut! All is well here, we just seem to be busy.

Just thought I'd show you some photos of me showing my love of pa. Do you know it's almost a year since I came to live here!

First you carefully (somewould say clumsily!) put your paws on his chest to wake him up from the nice snooze he was having.

Then you get him to pucker up in anticipation of a nice smacker on the lips.

Then you give him some good sloppy kisses. I'm not ashamed to say I love my pa lots and lots.

Toodle pip

Harry x

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Best Puppy in Match

Hi everyone,

Once a month at ringcraft training (where me and mummy go to learn how to show) there's a match night. Basically everyone gets a number, and they are drawn out of a hat in pairs. Each pair are "matched" and after looking at us, checking our teeth, muscles, bones and so on, and seeing us move, the judge picks a winner. All the winners of the first round go back in the hat (the numbers, not the actual dogs, tee hee!) and pairs are drawn again, with the winner going through, and so on until there's a best in show and reserve best in show remaining. There's also a best puppy awarded.

Anyway, at this month's match, I got drawn against a very lovely Rottie girl who's about 3 years old in the first round. The judge did spend a while deliberating after she'd looked at us both (while mummy tried to keep me standing nicely!), but opted for the Rottie. She did come over though and say it was a very tough choice, but age/maturity won the day. Fair enough I think.

But after the first round, there's a competition for best first round loser. There were about 10 dogs in that, and I won! There were some really nice dogs among them too, and not just puppies.

I also winned best puppy in match, whee! Usually a Pointer puppy wins it every month, but not this time.

So here are some photos of me and my prizes. I get to keep the trophy and cup until next month (unless I win them again!).

I also won some dog treats in the raffle, so it was a very lucky night for me and mummy.

Cassidy x

Monday, 4 August 2008

Me & Willow at Dunster Show

Last Wednesday, me and mummy went to Dunster show. When we got there we saw that my friend Willow was entered too! She came with her brother Jasper, and all her human family.

Here's a photo of Willow when she was about 12 weeks old when Oscar met her for the first time at grooming class. Wasn't she adorable!

And here she is at the WESWATC fun day last September as a blushing bride. That's big brother Jasper about to leap on her, tee hee!

We had to enter Any Variety not Separately Classified (AVNSC) Terrier at the show as there was no separate class for Airedales like there were for the more popular Terrier breeds. This is normally the case at Open shows here as Airedales aren't all that common. Probably all the grooming required for the show ring puts people off!

Do you see the little Lakeland like Stella next to me? There's me with mummy (in the stripy top), Willow and her dad, and another Airedale called Pollyanna, what a cool name! Mum hasn't got me stood properly yet in the photo, which is why I don't look to great.

Anyway, I got 3rd out of 4. I was a bit naughty and managed to slip my lead too, tee hee! I had already done it once before I went in the ring. It was a bit too big. I had chewed my nice leather one a few weeks ago so mummy had to use the spare. Luckily mummy grabbed me and got it back on quick, but I wasn't behaving all that well. Puppy moment! Mummy has now sewed it so it fits, and will get the lady who made my leather one to mend it at my next Champ show.

Willow won the AVNSC graduate class, then beat the AVNSC winners of the other classes, whee!

Here's is a close up of Willow. She has lovely dark tan colouring and is a really pretty, dainty girl. Because she won the Any Variety Not Separately Classified, she got through to the Terrier group final, which is the winner of all the different terrier breeds which were scheduled, eg Border Terrier, Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, etc. There were 9 dogs, and Willow got best Terrier out of them all, whee!

Here she is in the Best in Show final. That's where the winners of all the groups (Terrier, Hound, Gundog etc) meet to compete for Best and Reserve Best in Show. Unfortunately Willow didn't get placed here, but we're still very proud of her, especially as she is only 18 month old. Well done Willow!!

Willow and I also had lots of fun playing bitey face while we were waiting around. She doesn't always want to play with me at grooming, but hopefully now she'll realise I'm fun.

Cassidy x