Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Hi hi everyone,

As promised here is the news and photos from the WESWATC fun day. We had a great day, though I'm not sure if we'll be invited next year, for reasons which will become clear as you read, tee hee!

After the welcome from the organising committee, including David who is my breeder, the fun and games started. First up we did Musical chairs. I'm sure you all know how it works. Emily and Harry made sure they secured a chair early on!

Round and round and round we go, where the music stops, nobody know. Mummy is at the back in the green cardigan with me.

Emily and Harry are "cheating" a little here to get to a free chair! That's David pointing out to her where the chair is.

Phew, me & Mummy and Emily & Harry are still in.

It was all quite competitive, tee hee!

Emily & Harry were still going strong.

But I think me & mummy were out this time. That's my good friend Ruby with her dad in the grey coat. Poppy who is behind me really didn't like me and kept trying to bite me on the nose!

Emily & Harry got to the last 2, then got beaten by Poppy & her daddy, boo. But they got a prize and certificate for doing so well, whee!

Then it was time for "Run Grabbit Run". You have to run with you human, collects all the bits & bobs on the ground then carry them all back between you in the quickest time.

Here's is other Poppy and her daddy having a go. This Poppy is Oscar's sister,but from an earlier litter (same mummy & daddy as Oscar).

Next it was time for "Mummy Dog" where the winner is the dog with the most toilet roll wrapped around them at the end of the given time.

Daddy & Harry took it very seriously.

And they won, so I suppose it was worth looking totally ridiculous for?!!

After that it was egg & spoon race time. Luckily they weren't real eggs, cos they got dropped lots and I think they would have been eaten by us all!

Here's me & daddy coming back from our go. We got 2nd place,not bad to say we dropped our egg once.

These were the final 2 from the heats, Jasper & Peggy with their human siblings. Jasper was the winner.

After lunch it was time for fancy dress...great! Here is Oscar's sister Poppy as a space dog.

Jasper & Willow always have good costumes (mummy says remember they were a bride & groom last year?). This year they made an adorable Micky & Minnie.

I went as a hoodie hooligan. Mummy said it was very appropriate, charming!

And Big Harry wore Oscar's cowboy outfit, though it was a little, ahem, snug! Mummy had to buy a bigger hat for him , as the once Butchy & Snicker's mum made looked ridiculous balanced on his HUGE head, tee hee!

I won 3rd prize, whee! Big Harry didn't win a prize, boo.

Aha there landlubbers, I spies a pirate!

And this girlie was a wounded soldier, aw.

Dennis was a chef. Move over Jamie Oliver!

Here's another photo of my handsome big brother.

Here is my new friend Livvy. We met at grooming class last month. She is from Holland, but she now lives near me. Her mum is learning to hand strip her, and she won 2nd prize in best groomed dog, whee!

I have no photos, but I won waggiest tail, and Big Harry & Emily won "Best 6 Legs". Can you see yet why we might not be invited back next year, tee hee!

It was then time for the group photo, no mean feat as you can probably imagine! Can you spot us? We are on the front row near the middle.

The last activity of the day was the agility. Here is Heather having a go. Most dogs were apprehensive of the obstacles.

And had to be pushed through the tunnel!

Big Harry had a go. He did well apart from the jumps which he just bulldozed through!!

Then it was my turn. Now I have only had a go once at agility, at my training school fun day.

But I had no fear of any of the obstacles! Daddy was helping out on the dogwalk. I was a bit wobbly, but I wasn't scared.

No photos, but I ran straight over the A frame, and whizzed through the tunnel and I got 1st place, whee!

Also, we won 3 prizes on the raffle, Jessica won the "Guess which box the Bonio is in" competition and Emily won the "Give a name for a collective of Airedales" competition with "An Avalanche of Airedales"

So yes, we kind of swept the board on the prizes!! here are some of our winnings. The girls took some stuff home for their other doggy siblings that live at their mums house, and I had already taken some toys off to my bed and we'd eaten the yummy liver cake made by Jasper & Willow's mum and dad. We must ask mummy to get the recipe.

The first prize glasses are hand engraved and they are beautiful.

Do I look quite pleased with myself? Oh yes, we still have bare concrete floor thanks to moi? Did I ever tell you I pulled up all the lino one day & ripped it into teeny pieces. That was fun until I saw daddy's VERY cross face. Anyway, the kitchen is next to be decorated, so it will all be lovely again.

Cassidy x

Friday, 17 October 2008


Hi hi,

Sorry if any of you have been wondering where we are! We are OK, just had a bit of Blogging mindblock, plus mummy and daddy have been very busy decorating (the house is looking really pretty, we will have to take some photos).

I went to my first show in a few months on Sunday and I won my class (Junior dog or bitch), then got reserve best of breed, whee! I have 2 more pretty rosettes for my collection.

Harry has a poorly mouth this week. Mummy and daddy noticed he was struggling to eat at the weekend, and it was getting worse by Monday. He wanted to eat and drink, but just didn't seem able to (I was more than willing to eat his din dins for him, tee hee!), and was really lethargic. Anyway, after a vet visit, he was found to have a high temperature and a big lump under his tongue which vet hoped was an abscess but said might be a lump which would have to be biopsied if it didn't shrink with anti-biotics etc. Well the bad news is it burst the next day, yuck yuck and triple yuck, but the good news is that it is shrinking now and Harry is able to eat and drink much more easily, yay! We are now all fairly happy it is an abscess and once he has finished his tablets, that will be the end of it, phew.

We are off to the West of England Airedale Club fun day on Sunday, so I am looking forward to all the fun and games and other Dales that will be there. Not looking forward so much to the fancy dress...Harry is going to wear Oscar's cowboy outfit that Butchy & Snicker's mummy made, and I am going to wear Oscar's red hoodie & his Doggles, so I think that makes it more bearable to be looking silly don't you? We will get photos.

Anyway, that's the main news from us!

Cassidy x