Monday, 29 September 2008

My 1st Gotcha Day!

Hello dear friends,

Yes, it's true. On 29th September last year I came to live with ma and pa. How much I've nejoyed that year! It almost feels like I've been here forever. I am so grateful that they took a chance on adopting an old codger like me, and I hope they know how much I love them. I know young Oscar had a paw in getting me this lovely new home, and I will be eternally grateful to him.

I'm going to stop now before I get too teary eyed, but just thought I'd leave you with a small selection of photos from the last year, which are in no particular order.

Toodle pip
Harry x

Friday, 19 September 2008

Ozzy Comes To Visit

Hello there chaps and chapesses. Finally, it's my turn to post, although this entry still seems to be mostly about my now not-so-little sister.

Following on from Stanley's recent post about being a tad hairy, I think I am in a similar position! Where on earth are my eyes?!

The other day a very handsome young man came to spend the day with us while his ma went to a wedding. He's called Oscar, though he's more commonly known as Os. He was a friend of our Oscar, but he has graciously accepted us as his new Airedale buddies.

This is how he & Cassidy spent 99% of the day!

As you can see by me departing down the hallway, I was grateful for the time off from Cassidy's crocodale attacks!

I'm sure Cassidy thought he was just a rather large toy.

But he has teeth. Rest assured that although there are lots of gnashers on display in these photos, they were simply having a blast, no malice whatsoever.

I sneaked past while they weren't looking to have a quick cuddle.

Then had a quick pose to show of my full teddy bear hairy Dale effect.

Then decided that if you can't beat them, join them, har har!

There's life in this old dog yet, let me tell you.

Then I left them to it. Though actually they look a bit like they're kissing here. Hmm, I'd keep an eye on your girl if I were you BabyStan!

But no, it was soon back to bitey face game round 16. You may notice Os looks somewhat trimmer and tidier here. Well, that's because ma had a little go at stripping his hair, and before she know it, he was all groomed! His ma was very impressed when she came to pick him up, and I think she'll bring him over next time he needs grooming. Ma said a Border Terrier is far easier to strip than an Airedale.

I think Cassidy may actually have his entire head in her mouth here!

And what a huge mouth it is. Cassidy has a really l-o-n-g Airedale head now!

I'm always saying "Hey Cassidy, why the long face?" Har har, I do make myself chuckle.

Os is not going to let a girl get one over on him though, good for him (I think I may need a few lessons, ahem.)

Just watching the pair of them made me tired. I'm sure I was once as exuberant as them though...zzzzzzz.

Toodle pip

Harry x

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Birthday Cards & Pressies!

Hi hi! Daddy went to the Post Office to collect my pressie from the lovely Maggie (she's Big Harry's girlfriend, tee hee) and her cute brother Mitch.

As soon as daddy opened the box we could smell something really yummy!

Look! A beautiful Airedale card, some pumpkin and carob cookies, which mummy is very tempted to try as they smell so good, a Texas Taffy chew, and a really cool grape tuggy/tennis ball toy. What a very lucky girl I am!

Mummy tried to take a photo of us waiting nicely for a cookie, but they smelt so good that we were both jumping up and down like crazy dogs and there was no chance of a decent photo, but I can tell you they were scrumptious!

My toy is great fun too!

You can chew it, and tug it and throw it around. It's quite heavy, so makes a good weapon, tee hee!

And I think the colours are very pretty, and set off my rubber nose a treat!

Here are my cards. The top one is from Maggie & Mitch, the bottom left is from Molly & Taffy, and the one on the bottom right is from my doggy mum Maggie, my brother Mick and all my other relatives at Sherifs Airedales. That's my mummy on the card.

Asta emailed me this lovely card. Isn't she a sweetheart? It's so pretty and pink, and that cake looks almost too good to eat!

Finally, Noah, Willow, Tess & Lucy emailed me this card, it's really funny! Thanks you guys!

Thanks to everyone who left birthday messages here, they were lovely!


Cassidy x

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

I am 1!

It's my first birthday, whee! I am very excited. I am all growed up now. Though actually I think I still have some actual growing to do, and mummy says she's going to have to increase my foodies again cos when I got my monthly weigh in yesterday, I was skinnier than last month, whee!

I didn't get any presents, cos mummy and daddy say (quite rightly) that I already have everything I could ever need - toys, a big cosy bed, yummy foodies, a big brother to annoy, a mummy and daddy who love me, walkies every day, friends to play with....and that a lot of doggies are nowhere near as lucky, so we are going to donate some money to the Airedale Terrier Health Fund

Anyway, I thought you might like to look over some photos from my first year. You may have seen some of them already if you've followed my bloggy from the start.

This is my mummy Maggie, me and my brother and sissies on September 9th last year. You can't really see us, we're teeny black things by our mummy's tum.

And here we are at 2 weeks old. Looking more like baby Rotties, tee hee!

Getting bigger and bolder here. I think I am the one on the far right with the white paws.

And this is the week before I came to live with mummy and daddy. Look how sweet and innocent I look, tee hee.

I was a very fuzzy girl here. Must have been before mummy started on the grooming regime.

See what I mean?! First proper stripping session and see how impressed I am!

Aw, this is when I hurted my back leggy after doing a spot of counter surfing. Remember, I had to have about 4 weeks bed rest.

Tee hee, this is me posing in Oscar's Doggles. Do I look cool?

Um, yes, er this is me counter surfing..AGAIN! I really didn't learn my lesson, whoops!

I liked this toy a lot. It really belonged to Flakes, our kitty sibling who died in December,but she used to let me borrow it!

And here I am after my first big win in the show ring. I won Best Puppy in Show, whee!

Growing up now, and showing off my muscly thighs, tee hee!

And lastly, a photo of me and my lovely brother Big Harry taken last week, though it's not as cool as the photo on our Blog banner where I'm pulling the really funny face!!

And "Happy Birthday" too to my siblings:

To Roxy, who I see about once a month at hair-pulling torture class. This photo was taken by her daddy who is a really good photographer. She's a stick-a-holic!

To Lottie, my sissie who lives in Wales still (where I was born). I can't wait to see you at the fun day next month Lottie!

To Mick, my handsome brother who I see when we go to shows together. He has done well this year and I think at the moment he is the top Airedale puppy for the year, whee!

And to Chester. I haven't met up with him since we all went to our new homes, but we're going to meet up at the WESWATC fun day in October for a big family get together.

And to my other litter brother Harry. I don't have any photos of you, but Happy Birthday!


Cassidy x