Sunday, 27 April 2008

Walkies At Nightingale Woods

In between chatting to lots of our friends at the DWB chat pawty, we had a very fun walkies this morning. We went to Nightingale Woods. It be a great place to run around, and not many people seems to know about it. That be a shame in one way as we never meet many other doggies, but it also means we get to pretend we owns a big woods all of our own, whee!

Of course, Big Harry had to do the boy thing as soon as we arrived and do pee pee on lots of clumps of grass.

He said he be lighter after that and could run around better, tee hee! Me thinks the poopie he did helped too.

He be running around lots all excited and he bited his tongue, what a silly billy. It bleeded lots, but he no minded. Luckily we didn't bump into anyone as he looked a bit scary, but it soon stopped bleeding.

We did some racing. Me can run faster than Big Harry now, whee! My ears be all streamlined in this photo, tee hee!

He can keep up fairly well though, no stopping my big brother.

Even with mummy's super whizzy new camera, sometimes we're just too fast.

Big Harry just loved going off the path to have a good old sniff in the undergrowth.

And me finded lots of my current favourite snackie of Dandelions, yummy!

Mummy says they will make me pee pee lots, but me no cares.

Mummy wanted to take a photo of Big Harry, but me wanted to get in on the action.

Mummy thinks this photo be funny as we kind of look like we've swapped tails, tee hee! Mine be the longer undocked one of course, but it looks like me has Big Harry's tail.

Mummy took a photo of these pretty wild flowers. They be called Cowslips. Me didn't eat these.

Big Harry still be pretending he be in the jungle.

And look! He be cheeky and poked his tongue out at mummy.

We both be so happy running around. Everything be getting nice and green again now that spring be sprung.

Me likes to lead the way, cos me be little bit of a bossyboots.

The path be all windy, so you never know what's around the corner. We meeted 4 doggies, two Border Collies, a brown Labrador and a little cross breed.

We tried to camouflage ourselves in the woods. Do you see me?

As you can see, Big Harry still got plenty of energy left for running and exploring.

And he always comes running when mummy and daddy calls him now, what a good boy. Sometimes when he come out of the woods he be bit confused which direction to go in, tee hee!

We finded the pond, but we don't be water babies, so no swimming for us.

Me tried to have a little drinkie, but daddy said it be to yucky and dirty and that we had water back at the car.

But me had to check for myself, and actually it be quite tasty!

It be a great walkie, and me think our happy faces and big tongues hanging out say it all!


Cassidy x

Friday, 25 April 2008

Just Us, Posing

Well hello there old chaps. Did you think we'd vanished? All is fine here, but ma had an exam this week so has been busy with the books and unable to help us blog. Talk about getting your priorities all wrong! Anyway, she now only has one more exam in June, excellent!

Anyway, things have been rather quiet here. The weather is still unpredictable - warm and sunny one minute, April showers the next. We always get out on our walkies, but sometimes they end up being a rather soggy affair. The forecast for tomorrow (Saturday) is excellent, so we're both hopeful that a nice car ride somewhere might be in order.

So in between studying, ma did manage to snap a few photos of us posing - one of the things we're jolly good at I'd say, har har!

Here's little Cassidy, not actually looking so little any more. Her head is getting longer by the day I swear! Don't you just want to honk that big rubber nose?

And here's yours truly saying "cheese". Although it doesn't seem all that long since my Airecut, I am looking rather woolly around the head again aren't I?

Here's Cassidy with her best snooty young lady look. Her face looks much better when her beard hasn't just has a dunking in the water bowl, but there's not much hint of a puppy left now, apart from when you see her bounding around like a lunatic that is! She has her first show on May 5th, so something tells me tat she's going to be on that grooming table a lot this weekend, poor girl.

I stuck my tongue about a bit more for the next photo. I was feeling in a rather cheeky mood.

And here's a close up of Cassidy's juicy snout especially for Stanley.

And one of her eye, filled with the requisite terrier expression (and a bit of eye sleepy too, which ma only noticed when she uploaded the photo, har har!).

After all that posing, we needed a quick power nap to recharge the batteries, plus ma said could we please stop staring at her so she could get some work done.

But when she stood up we were both wide awake again in case it was dinner time. OK, so it may have taken one of us a little longer to wake up...

...but once I did I was wide awake, one ear in particular!

Enjoy your weekend everyone. We'll make our way around all our pal's blogs over the next couple of days.

Toodle pip

Harry x

Thursday, 17 April 2008

All My Certifimacates!

Hello everyone, me hopes you all be OK. Me be good, as does big Harry. He be on his bed snoring very loudly right now, tee hee!

Me finally getted around to show you the certifimacates that me has winned so far. Me has quite a few, whee!

Me getted this one first before Christmas when me was still a little pup girl. Remember the videos of me playing with the other pups like Kali and Betty at puppy playschool? It seems a long time ago already!

Me had to have time off classes in the New Year when me hurted my leggy (doing naughty counter surfng, tee hee!), but when we went back to school me getted my Kennel Club Good Citizen puppy award. Me had to get lots of things ticked off for this like playing nicely with a toy, doing a sit and down, letting mummy brush me, being brave when meeting new doggies and humans. Me getted a nice lilac rosette too, but mummy no can find it. She thinks it might have fallen behing the fridge, so we'll have to get daddy to move it to see, whee!

In March me did my diploma. It be more tricky, but me managed it. It be in the class with the grown up doggies and me was one of only two puppies that passed, so Janet who runs the class and mummy and daddy beed very proud. Me be working on my Diamond award now. It be quite hard, lots of off lead heel work.

And tonight at my other class me getted my Bronze Award, whee! Me started this class in January, then missed quite with poorly leggy and cos daddy sometimes be working away with our vroom vroom car on class nights. If you click on the photo you should be able to read what me had to do to pass.

Mummy getted me to pose with them, but me be sooooo sleepy cos me had brain drain after class, so me be all wonky donkey, tee hee!

Then big Harry waked up and wanted to get in on the act. Me said he could share my certifimacates cos he no goes to class, but he do be a good boy and a very good big brother.

Cassidy x

Monday, 14 April 2008

Mick & Me

Hi hi, gosh we beed lazy at updating our bloggy! We had visitors this weekend so we beed busy getting lots of fussing!

Me went back to my homeland of Wales last week to see my breeders, their other doggies, and best of all, my brother Mick, whee! The main reason mummy wanted to go was to get some help grooming my face, but me was only bothered about playing lots of bitey face.

When we arrived, me explored the garden while mummy had a cup of tea, then me had to go on the grooming table while me getted groomed. Martin (same name as my daddy, tee hee) stripped off all my puppy face fuzz. He said me has very good head, nice and long already and me generally be coming along very nicely. Me be 21" to the withers, Mick be 21 1/4". They had worried that he be bit small, but felt happier after seeing me be similar height. Mick has already done 2 shows, whee!

Anyway, when the boring stuff was done, it be time to play! We had such fun together. Me no thinks these photos need lots of explanation - me be sure you can see how much fun we be having. I know some of the photos have lots of teethies on display, but me can assure you it was all playing. In case you can't tell who be who,me has collar on and Mick has hairier leggies than me.

When we were both tired, it be dinner time. Me getted spoilt and getted bits of biscuit and sandwich. Mummy says we better not tell daddy cos he be strict about doggies getting food from the table, so shhhh! It be our secret, OK?

You can see my face in this photo. Me thinks me looks much more grown up now. Daddy thinks it be funny to keep asking me "Hey Cassidy, why the long face?"

Me practiced standing nicely like me will have to in a show while looking for the cows in the field below.

Isn't the view beautiful? Mummy says she feels so relaxed every time she comes here. Their house has 8 acres of fields and woods, and is surrounded by countryside too.

Anyway, the day after my visit, me getted very muddy playing at Seven Fields with my big Harry and my friend Harry the Cocker Spaniel, so mummy will take some proper photos of me looking all grown up soon.
Cassidy x