Monday, 10 December 2007

Puppy School Week 2

We getted this pretty golden rose from Marvin and Jeannie. They gived mummy rose 'cos they say "(mummy) has had a bad year but Jeannie always said to remember, "It's A Lovely Day Tomorrow" and we think now, tomorrow has finally arrived with the addition of Harry and Cassidy to her life"! Thank you Marvin and Jeannie!

Mummy and daddy say thank you for all lovely messages for Flakes and we think all our friends should have a golden rose. You and your mummies and daddies have been there for mummy and daddy lots this year and they love you all.
Even though me no know Flakes very much, me still feel sad 'cos mummy and daddy and Harry be very sad. Harry be looking for Flakes everytime he be coming back from walkies and every bedtime and wakey up time. Mummy and daddy putted Flakes in the ground in the garden and mummy said she be having a nice paving slab made for her, then Oscar can go near her in his planter. Ginger cat next door (who be called Tilly) getted Flake's food and toys, so hopefully she will be our friend.

Me went puppy playschool again on Saturday. Everyone said me growed lots in a week, whee! We did sit and down and wait and me did good, but then we did recall and me was bad, bad, bad! All the other puppies ran straight to their mummy or daddy on their turn, but me went to say hello to everyone and every doggy again and me no listen at all to mummy, me is a bad girl! My breeders telled mummy and daddy that when they used to call me and my brothers and sissies, they all came dashing to them and me always went other way. Me is Miss Independant! Now mummy says we has to do lots of recall practice or me no can ever go off my lead to play.

Here is video of playtime at class this week. Ruby the Boxer still be very, very shy. Teacher Janet telled her mummy and daddy not to make a fuss when she be scared and to ignore her. Me loves this bit in class, whee! Me still like Betty the Bassett bestest, but she always want to play with Kody the Spaniel 'cos he be her cousin, so me run round and round to try and get some puppy to play, any puppy!

Me getted tagged by Stella. She say me have to tell you 8 random facts about me. OK.

1. Me has lots of toys, but me prefer play with bits of cardboard and old milk cartons.

2. Me is very greedy and me can smell food from long way away. Me has worked out which cupboard in the kitchen has my food in it and me is working on a way to open the door.

3. Me only like to do toilets in garden. Mummy and daddy no has persuaded me to do wee wees and poo poos on walkies. Me waits until me is home in garden.

4. At the moment my ears keeps going inside out. Mummy thinks me might have to get my ears glued so they stay nice.

5. Me likes to bark. Me barks if me has to wait for my dinner but mummy and daddy just ingore me!

6. Me can already climb all the way up the stairs in about 5 seconds but mummy and daddy no let me. They say it be bad for my leggies.

7. Me is queen of fetch. Me can play fetch for long time (until all ball balls are stuck under the sofas!)

8. Me has sharp claws, and sometimes me has itchies and me scratches me with my paws and then I squeal 'cos my claws hurts me!

Harry be tagged to play different game by Finni. He say he do his tags when he no be so sad.


Cassidy x


Randi said...

Hi Baby Cassidy! I know you are really no longer a baby, but you are just so freaking cute that if I ever met you, I'd really have to remember you are a baby sort-of, otherwise my mom said I might play too rough with you..but looking at the video from the puppy class, I'm thinking you just might be able to take care of yourself! My mom says she loves all those puppies & it would be a dream to lay down in the middle of that room & have all the puppies climb on top of her & nibble at her ears & fingers..I think it would be hilarious if everyone just peed on her..but that's just my opinion!

Love & Licks,

ps...Say hello to your big brother!

Tofu Burger said...

Hi little Miss Cassidy! Soon it will just be Miss Cassidy... I'm afraid you are already taller than me! hehehehh Have fun!


Molly and Taffy said...

Hello Cassidy

We cannot believe how big you are growing, we love to see your videos.

Molly and Taffy.

Cassidy I have the same problem as you. I don't hear too well when I am called, narrow ear canals is the problem you see, but they always seem to widen when the call for din dins is made.

Funny that don't you think?

MOlly xx

Faya said...

Cassidy pas de panique : tu es une airedale. Katy le sait et elle connait les tĂȘtes dures des airedales.... C'est ce qui fait notre charme...
Bisous, Faya

Clover said...

Hi Cassidy!
Great video, you are so playful! I bet we would have a fun time together!
I like your list too - I also will only go pee in my yard - not ever on walkies!
Love Clover xo

Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Cassidy...
You can't be pawfect at everything're just a wee little girlpup. I'm sure you'll get your recall down soon enough.

I like to play fetch too...that is until Mommy gets bored or loose all the balls under the TV stand - hee hee hee!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Wooo Cassidy.. loved the video! Congrats on you and Harry receiving that golden rose! Very cool.


Gus said...

Cassidy...Muzzer loved the video, played it twice while pointing to you and squealing. "Oh, look! Oh Gussie look how cute she is." You and I seem to be able to make people smile, which is a greater gift than coming when called. It has taken me a while to get muzzer over to this way of thinking, but if you start working on it now, you may prevail..

Tell Harry we understand that he is grieving for Flake, and we send him much loving support from terrier cousins.


Peanut said...

You are just the cutest little thing. I feel bad for that little boxer but she looked like she might have wanted to play a little more this time then she did last time. Be careful when you scratch yourself. :)

Snowball said...

You classes looks like its lots of fun. I never get to attend puppy classes or any other classes. I dun like to be recalled too. When my hooman call me, I will just sit or stand there waiting for them to come to me so I still get to go off leash.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Cassidy
Congratulations on the award!!
watching your video made us smile a lot! Sure you were having fun!
I love to play with balls too and the same happens here, for some reason they always end under the sofa or a furniture!
Kisses for you all
Have a good night

Joe Stains said...

congrats on the pretty flower award! your puppy class looks like fun but I don't think school is right for me. I also don't listen well.

Peeing on walks is great, its like you are leaving a message for the next doggies who come along!

Agatha and Archie said...

Boy you did get big little one!! WE love the video!!! Tell Harry we are sending him special hugs to cheer him up.Love A+A

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

You are so active :P You were running and jumping.. that looks like so much fun.

Boy n Baby

Stanley said...

Sweet Cassidy Girl!

Please give your brother Harry and your mummy & daddy sweet goober smooches from me, okay?

I love watching your puppy play video. You were everywhere playing with everydog! I saw you pinned one dog down while wrasslin'. That was a good move.

Let me know if you figure out how to get into your food cupboard. I still haven't figured that out. And, I used to be like you when my girl first adopted me. I would not go potty when on lead. Now it's not a problem.

Thanks for sharing.

Goober love & smooches,

Stella said...

Sweet Cassie Girl!

You are so much fun to watch at your puppy play class. I see you're a girl who likes to wrassle. Maybe someday we can do that together.

Thank you for playing the tag game. I hope your ears start behaving. I hated having mine glued. I too am a barker when I get impatient for dinner. My girl ignores me too. What is up with that?

Keep showing us video & photos of your bootifully long and curled over tail. I LOVE it, and I LOVE YOU, my fren!

Gooby love & tiny kissies,

ROSSI said...

Oh sweet little cassidy..

am sure u will grow as a beautiful and active cassidy.. u r just so cute!.. hey!.. when i was at the puppy school last time.. am just same as u.. when mom called me out.. i went to greet somedoggie else.. and being busybody!.. heheheh..

oh yes.. am so sorry bout flakes.. i just got to know it today.. and am only back to blog after MIA for a long time.. am so sorry..


Anonymous said...

That play looks like fun - I'm sure you'll figure out the recall soon - you need to train your humans to have lots of tasty food to give you like I did with mine hehe!!!


Noah the Airedale said...

Hello Cassidy,
You look like your having a fun time at puppy playschool. We had a chuckle at all the people nattering away there. We love those proper English accents.
You're growing before our very eyes and you've got so much energy.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

Amber-Mae said...

Awww, just look at you all playing around, you all are soo happee! Oh, I can smell food from miles away too & will beg for my hoomans to give me some.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Cassidy,
That's a really nice way of thinking - 'It's a lovely day tomorrow'..I like it!
Looks like you are having fun in school!

Ume said...

u r a smart girl, u can climb the stairs oredi!

Simba said...

Milk cartons are my favorite thing in the world.

Simba xx

Ferndoggle said...

Cassidy, puppy class looks so fun! I remember when I first went...I acted shy just like Ruby. Didn't take me long to come out of my shell though & then I ruled the school!

I'm sure you'll do a good job of showing her the ropes.


2shibas said...

I like an independent woman!


Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

Don't worry Cassidy, we can't ALWAYS be good! How would we keep our humans on their toes then?

T-man said...

I'm giving you an A+ in play!! You're at the top of your class :)

Pooping in the garden should help your mom grow beautiful flowers next spring. We'll be thinking of you when we see her flowers!


Luckie Girl said...

Hey Cassidy,
School seems really FUN! :) YOu are like everywhere making friends. hehe...
I hope dear old Harry cheers up soon. Send him some smooches from me will ya?

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh you sure sound like you're growing. School sound so fun. You'll try to help cheer Harry up right

~ Girl girl

Amber said...

Hi Cassidy, you're a big girl now I see. The class looks really fun. Ohh, i want to play fetch with you. Hope Harry cheers up soon,sending hugs and kisses.

Amber :)

Lesley Rigby said...

What a great social event. Can anyone go even if you don't have a puppy? It looks a laugh a minute.....

Penny & Poppy said...

Hi Cassidy,

It will take LOTS of recall practice to get past the "I don't want to's" that are typical of an Airedale. Just ask our mom...we are 7 and 8 years old now, and sometimes we STILL ignore her when she calls us. She has a secret weapon, though! It's a squeaker from a toy that we destroyed. When we hear that squeaker, we come EVERYTIME! Don't have lots of time to practice! Give Katy, Martin & Harry some hairy Aire-hugs from us!

Poppy & Penny

Sophie Brador said...

That blondie lab looks like me, except a lot smaller. But I was teeny once, just like you, Cassidy. I'm glad you like puppy class so much. I wonder if Harry is dreaming about me while he catches up on a few zzzz's.


Asta said...

Hi Sweet Cassidy
You awe looking cutew evewy day..that puppy class looks like a blast..I would so love to play with you..I still play like a puppy and we'd have a gweat time!
I have a confession..I'm much oldew than you and I only come when bwibed with tweats,,shame, shame..
Pleez give my love to Hawwy and youw pawents, I know how they must feel,it's ok to be sad when you've lost someone you love a lot..give them healing smoochies fwom me and hugs fwom my pawents.
lots of love

Johann The Dog said...

You are independent like Gracie! We think she may always be that way, but she is getting better about coming, as long as Mum has treats! BOL!

Looks like you had loads of fun, WOW!!!

Woofs, Johann

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i never been to 1.... but i know it must be a place to meet alot of new frens..

hope u enjoy ur class...

Mojo said...

You must be my long-lost sister! Recall? Bah! That's for lesser pups. Sure, I can do it, but if I'm out on a walk and meet another dog.. forget it. Mum runs off and hides. Funny how I can never hear the word 'come' but I sure hear when she calls 'bye'.

Keep up the good work with the cardboard too. I'm thinking I should be paid by the recycling people for shredding cardboard.