Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Me Go Grooming

Hi hi everyone! Me is still on crate arrest, boo hoo. Me hardly be limping now, so me really hopes that when me goes to see Emma the vet on Friday for my next Cartrophen injection she say me can go for little walkies again! Mummy said me can go to puppy class on Wednesday to sit and watch. She be worried about me not getting socialised and turning into a wild child!

On Sunday me and mummy getted in broom broom car and drove for about an hour. When we stopped we be at hall and there be millions of Airedales there. Well, maybe about 15 Airedales. It be grooming class. My sissy Roxy be there. She no wanted to play with me. She be scared of me and of other doggies. Her daddy letted her off her lead and she gradually getted more braverer. She be well groomed already, so she no needed to go on grooming tables, so she did socialising instead.

As me no be allowed to play cos of poorly leggy, me had to go on grooming table. Me be next to an Airegirl called Ruby. Mummy has meeted her before. She be very poorly when she be a baby. She be doing better now, but she has to take medicine every day for ever and ever. She be bit small for her age, but she be doing well. We did lots of stretching between gap in our grooming tables to sniff and talk. She be very nice and me hopes that next time we can play!

Suzanne, one of ladies who runs the class helped mummy make my ears lot tidier. It means they not be so heavy and they sit better and hopefully no need glue put on them. Mummy pulled all my puppy fuzz from my chest and shoulders. Me be bit baldy there now, but Suzanne say my big girl hair will grow fast there and will look better and be wirier than puppy fuzz. mummy still has to tackle my face, but she has to do it teeny bit by teeny bit, so me thinks me will be on grooming table lots this week. Me no minds really.

At end of class, mummy letted me have 5 minutes in yard with other doggies. Me was so happy! Me getted all the big boys to run after me, me was having great fun until mummy scooped me up and said vet Emma would be cross with us both. Mummy said me be floozy for getting big boys to chase me.

We no taked photos as camera batteries no worked. Next time we take piccies of me and my pretty sister Roxy!

When we getted home big Harry sniffed me lots. He said he could smell lots of doggy smells. Big Harry still smells of flowers from his bath on Saturday. He is still not itching of licking or nibbling. Good boy!

Cassidy x

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Revenge On Mummy and Daddy

Hi hi everyone. Sorry we no has updated bloggy but we has been so B.O.R.E.D! At least big Harry still gets to go for walkies and not be imprisoned in house like poor ickle me!

Here big Harry be modelling latest fashion accessory for the stylish doggy...not!

Can you see all marks on cone where he be bumping into walls and doors, tee hee! Sorry about my fuzzy bottom in photo.

Harry no have cone now. He no be licking paws now. He had bath today and daddy brush him lots and get enough loose hair to make another big Harry! Hopefully he no have to wear cone no more.

When he be wearing come he no could fit in hidey hole under stairs, so me looked after it for him. Me be nice sister.

E and J getted me a cool new toy. It be great for annoying mummy and daddy when me is stuck in crate, tee hee!

Me went to vets yesterday for my Cartrophen injection to help mend leggy. Vet said maybe me needs TWO more weeks in crate, noooooo! Me has to go for next injection on Friday so me really hopes by then me can go for walkies and play again. Me be so bored. Me has been chewing my Nylaboe lots. My back big teethies be coming now.

Mummy said me can go to grooming class tomorrow cos my sissy Roxy be going, but me no can play. Grr.


Cassidy x

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Happier Days In The the Garden

Hello all,

Well, I am still all itchy, so it looks like I too may be heading to the v.e.t.s. Ma and pa think I must be allergic to something, but we're all struggling to work out what. I am therefore still a conehead. Bother.

Cassidy is being a very good girl with her bed rest. Truth be told, all she wants to do at the moment is chew anyway, so she's happy in there with a supply of hollow bones, Kongs and Nylabones. She goes back to the v.e.t. on Friday.

I found these photos and video on the computer. They were taken a week or two ago on a rain free day (a rarity here at the mo).

The photos are rather blurred due to a certain little lady zooming about like a woman possessed!

Mind you, I am pretty nifty on my feet for an old timer if I do say so myself. Life in the old dog yet, eh?

Cassidy was just begging to be chased.

She was doing laps of the garden trying to get me to hurry up with garden border patrol and have some puppy playtime!

I think this photo pretty much sums it up.

Well, what's a gent to do but submit to the lady's wishes. Oh and by the way, all the scary gremlin noises are my sweet darling little sister, not me! It may sound bad, but as you may have seen on Maggie and Mitch's blog the other day, that's how us Airedales like to play! Ma and pa keep an eye that all is fair.

Toodle pip,

Harry x

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Leggy Update

Hi hi friends. Sorry me no updated you yesterday, but me be sooooooo sleepy when me getted home from hospital.

Mummy taked me to hospital at 8.20 in morning. We seed the nurse first. Mummy said she was really scared about injection to make me go sleepy so vet Alison came to talk to mummy and have a look at my leggy.

She agreed with vet Emma that there was chance me had torn my cruciate ligament because of the pain and because my kneecap felt loose. She said they really needed to know what be happening inside my leggy and it be hard to do x ray when doggy awake as they has to put leggy in positions which may make it more hurty. Mummy realise it was best to find out what problem be, and Alison promised mummy she take super duper care of me cos she be there night when Oscar was at hospital and she understood why mummy be scared.

Me went with Alison to room with lots of cages. Me had cage. Soon lady gived me something called pre med. It maked me feel little bit sleepy. Later on, they took me to another room and shave bit of my leg fur. Then they put sharp thing in my leggy, then me be really tired, zzzz.

When me waked up me was back in crate! Nurse said me be good girl and to have a little snooze then me could have some food. Me be excited cos me no had had any foods since my lunch the day before as me had to have empty tummy for sleep injection.

After me had had a sleepy, some food and a bit more sleepy, mummy was back to get me. Me was excited to see her, but me pretended little bit that me be cross with her for leaving me there, so me cuddled nice nurse instead.

Vet Alison had phoned mummy after x rays to explain what be wrong with my leggy. When me fell and did splits, me wrenched my knee, and the cartilage (which be like soft bone) between my knee and my shin bone came away, leaving a bigger gap between my knee and my shin bone than supposed to be. Luckily for my, the ligaments held, so me no got to have opawation, phew!

Bad news be that me has to have TWO WEEKS complete bed rest! No running round at home, out to toilet in garden on lead, no walkies, no puppy class, no ringcraft. Me is fed up. Me wished me no did counter surfing.

Me has new tablets to take for 5 days, and me has to go to vet hospital to have injection every Friday for a month of stuff that be called Cartrophen to help repair soft cartilage stuff.

This be my sad face when me come home and mummy telled me about bed rest.

Me did my best pathetic puppy face but she still said me has to rest lots. Do you see my bandage. It no be there now and that be where my leggy shaved. Me has skinny legs under all my furs hey?

Big Harry comed to say hello and see if they taken all my teethies away when me was asleep. Bad luck for him!

Me was still sulking with mummy. Me no wanted to have photo taken.

But then mummy gived me some bananananananana in my Kong so me forgive her little bit.

And me can sit in lounge as long as me no runs around. Me be chewing my boney because my teethies be itching me lots. Me losed two more teethies today.

Me thinks me might go visit Archie, cos he be having to stay in bed too cos he be having two bad knees. We can be bored together.

Harry still have sore paw. Mummy and daddy going to shave sore bit in a minute. Maybe he has to go to vet on Monday for anti biotics. Vets be rich thanks to us!


Cassidy x

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Me Got Poorly Leggy

Hi hi everybody, do you be OK? Me be OK but me has hurted my back left leggy.

Me is using Harry as a model to show you where me be hurty. Me looks very huge compared to big Harry in this photo but mummy said it be because of Per Spective, but me no knows who that be.

Me no has wanted to be doing zoomies, so me had to find things to do. Me finded this new toy. It be nice to chew.

Can you see in this video that me no wants to put weight on my back left leggy? It be hurted cos me tried to do counter surfing like big Harry do, but me slipped and my legs both went spreaded out on floor. It be very ouchy.

Me went to see Emma vet tonight and she said me has pain around my knee (me already knew that!). Me has had anti inflammery (mum: anti inflammatory) injection and me has to stay in my crate apart from going pee pee and poopie. Me no can eat tonight or this morning as me has to go to hospital to have piccy taken tomorrow (mum: x ray). Emma says maybe me fractured a bone and me has to have x ray to check. Mummy and daddy be bit worried cos I has to have to go sleepy for x ray and Oscar died when he had sleepy medicine, but they know that it mainly be because he was so poorly already. Mummy going to ask if she can stay with me.

Me has tablets which me has to start taking tomorrow evening. They be called Rimadyl.

Harry be coming out in sympathy with me! He has been nibbling his back paw paws so he be wearing a cone head! He no can fit in his hidey hole so he be fed up.

Be tried to give him kissies but his cone be in the way.

He went outside to see if he could pick up any satellite signals with his cone!

You can see me limpy here. Is not so bad cos my injection make it feel bit better. Now me is resting up ready for hospital. Me will let you know what they say at hospital.


Cassidy x

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Prayers For Maggie

Poppy and Penny telled us last night that sweet Maggie Queen of Socal runned out of the door whe her mummy be carrying shopping in and got hitted by a truck. The nasty, mean driver even no stopped to see if Maggie be OK. Maggie's mummy taked her straight to the vets, and it seems she breaked her leg and a paw, and she got some internal bleeding and problems with her lung. She is going to be OK, but she will need her mummy to take good care of her over the next few weeks and months, and lots of love and support from all of us. Get well soon Maggie!

Harry can open our front door and he has getted out twice. Now me understands why mummy and daddy panic when Harry do this until now. We now always makes sure we has door locked, and he is better now at knowing he needs to sit and wait when door opens. Me will try hard to learn goos recalls and to obey mummy and daddy so me no has risk of cars hitting me.

Mummy seed a link on Sophie and Huskee Boy's bloggies where you answers some questions and it telled you the top five doggies for you. Mummy thoughted it looked fun so she gived it a try.

And she gotted Airedale Terror as first choice! She says she knewed from being a little girl like me that Airedale was the doggy for her, so me thinks she was right!

Number two was Irish Water Spaniel. Me likes his hairdo!

Number three be Black and tan Coonhound. We no knows this breed, me no thinks we have this doggy in UK.

Number four be German Shorthaired Pointer.

And number five be Doberman Pinscher.

Me is now 18 weeks old. Me getted weighed yesterday and me be 11 kilos which be 24 pounds. Me has long leggies at the moment as they is growing faster than rest of me. Me has another wobbly tooth. My sissies Lottie and Roxy be losing teethies too, but my brother Mick no has lost any teethies yet.


Cassidy x

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Meeting Ralf & Molly

We had a lazy lie-in this morning. Well, isn't that what Sundays are for? After we'd had breakfast and let our tummies settle, ma and pa asked if we'd like to go out for a walk with Ralf and Molly? I said "really?"

Cassidy said "me wants to meet Ralf and Molly, whee"!

So we both sat nicely for ma! Ralf and Molly are two of Oscar's Airedale pals who live a few miles from us. Oscar used to meet them regularly for walks, and see them at grooming class. I met them when I first came to live here, but Cassidy hadn't met them yet.

Cassidy was a tad annoying on the journey asking "do we be there yet" every 5 minutes.

We soon arrived and waited for Ralf and Molly in the car park. Cassidy bumped into Kody the Spaniel and Betty the Bassett from her puppy class so they all had a silly 5 minutes rolling around in the mud. Tsk, children!

Ralf and Molly soon arrived so after some communal bottom sniffing we set off into the woods. Despite it being wet and rainy, there were some other brave souls about, including this pretty girl who was called Angel. I had a sniff and a polite, while Molly tried to "Airedale" her (aka barging at full velocity!).

Here's Ralf with his pa, Cassidy in the centre and Molly at the front of the photo. Ralf can be a bit of a grump with other dogs, but he was fine with Cassidy and I. Must be an Airedale thing! He has a "sheep coat" like Sunshade and Noah, that's why he is a lot paler than the rest of us.

Here they are again. Ma was holding my lead. We all stayed on lead today as four Airedales running amok could be fun! Too many nice smells to chase! We all had our flexi leads so got to have a jolly nice run around nonetheless.

Cassidy is a stick monster in training and was letting Ralf know that the one by her front paws was hers! Honestly, that sister of mine has no fear of anything!

Ralf and I went ahead to have a chat about the "delights" of having sisters. Molly is a real bossy boots towards poor Ralf, and I fear I know who's going to be doing the same to me in no time at all. We boys have got to stick together.

As you can perhaps see from the photos, it was very wet and muddy and we all had delightfully muddy paws from walking through squishy mud. Pa unceremoniously dunked my feet in a cleanish puddle as we got back towards the car in an effort to clean me off a little. Luckily we also had our towels in the car and a seat cover on the back seats.

Here's a video of us all wandering along. We got lots of people admiring us. I suppose it is quite a site to see four Airedales together, especially as we aren't very common dogs. Of course people who live near Noah and his sisters and the Thuglets are used to it!

When we got home it was time for a nice big drink of water. Can you see Cassidy clambering up ma's leg at the side of the photo, little minx. She knew ma had treats in her pocket.

Cassidy had the remains of the water I had stuck my muddy, drooly beard in, she's not fussy!

Then it was time for a nice snooze while ma and pa cook the Sunday roast. I'm hopeful we'll both have a share.

I like the little hidey hole under the stairs. I feel all safe and cosy, but I can keep an eye on things too.

Right, must dash. I'm refreshed from my walk and off to see what's left of that turkey!

Toodle pip,

Harry x

Friday, 11 January 2008

Me Getted Groomed

Hi hi everyone! Do you all be well? Me be good. Me wented to puppy class on Wednesday and me did good. Me did my recall good, whee! Me learned to do "watch me" with mummy too. Me was really watching bit of cheese that mummy had near her face, tee hee!

Yesterday, me wented to ringcraft, where me will learn to be a showgirl. Me has to learn to stand square and straight while a person be feeling me all over and looking at me. It be hard to stay still. Me also has to learn to trot up and down the hall nicely. That be really hard as there be lots of nice sniffy smells on the floor and lots of doggies in the hall to say hello too, but me only be a baby and teacher and mummy says me can just enjoy being there at moment and watching and learning.

At weekend mummy tell me I was going to be stripped. Me is getting bit worried as me no want to be a showgirl stripper! Mummy explained is to groom me so I look pretty and so my hairs grow nice and wiry.

This be all the things that mummy needs for stripping me. They be (clockwise from top):

*A foot file (white thingy). Mummy use this to strip hair in delicate places like tops of my thighs. She can grip hairs with it and is less painful than the stripping knives.

*Scissors. There be normal scissors for trimming round my feets. They supposed to be "small and cat like" according to breed standard, but at moment they be big puppy feets! There also be baby scissors with no pointy bit to cut out hair between my paw pads so it no get tangled and sore. Other scissors be one bladed thinning scissors for my tail.

*Brush to brush me after stripping to make all my furs lie flat and shiny.

*Terrier pin pad for my furnishings. That be my leggies, beard/moustache and chest fur. It be left longer than rest of hairs.

*Stripping knives. There be three different ones. One be for saddle (black furs), one for neck and shoulders and one for face.

*Comb for fluffing up leggy and face fur so mummy can see which bits be longer and need pulling out with finger and thumb.

Me sat waiting for mummy to begin. Me is used to going on table for brushies, so me be good girl and stand nicely and no wriggle. Me no needs to be restrained. Me needs gold star!

This be some of my furs from my back. See how it be grey and white? Is dead puppy furs. The furs left on me be new black wiry furs. There be a carrier bag full of these grey fluffy furs!

Do you see how now my back be wavy and flat to my back instead of all fluffy? It be hard and wiry already and will be more wiry as me grows into big girl.

See, me looks all little and skinny again now that me is not all fluffy! As me gets bigger, me will lose all black furs on top of leggies and face and just have black saddle like all the grown up Airedales. My head and face hair no be ready for stripping yet, so me still has a big fluffy puppy head!

In this piccie you can see that my back be short and wiry but my sides and top of leggies still be fluffy as mummy didn't do those bits yet in this photo.

When mummy be finished me relaxed in front of television. Me likes watching television lots.

Can you see what me be watching?

Me is watching Caesar Millan. Me likes doggie programmes! Me no likes some things that he does to doggies, but me likes to watch the doggies and wag my tail. Can you see Oscar's piccie beside the television?

Me went closer so me could see doggies better, but mummy made me stop watching as she said me will get square eyes! Me watched fishies instead. One of the guppy fishies had lots and lots of babies. There be about fifty teeny babies. Daddy putted them in a special net tank inside the aquarium so other fishies no eated them all up.

After all that standing on stripping table being good girl, me needed sleepies, zzzzzzz.

My other news is that me losed two of my puppy teethies at bottom front of my mouth. Tooth fairy no be coming though cos me eated them! New teethies be there already. Me also has two big girl teethies at front of mouthy at top, but my baby teethies still be there behind them so me is like a shark with two rows of teethies, snap!


Cassidy x