Sunday, 7 October 2007

Cassidy & Co at 4 Weeks

So the pups are 4 weeks old today, halfway to being ready to leave for their new homes. Here are the photos we received by email this week. They look bigger already than when we saw them last weekend.

They have started eating solid food this week, looks like it was a messy affair from the photos, but they all took to it well.

I'm sure a few paws in the bowl can only add to the flavour! They are starting to look more like Airedales now. For those that asked, yes they will have their tails, so they will look like Faya and Mojo with pretty tails curled over their backs.

At 4 weeks old the puppies will be able to hear and react to loud sounds. Mum will usually begin to discipline her pups, giving a growl when they try to feed at will for example. As their razor sharp puppy teeth are beginning to appear, perhaps that is not too surprising to hear!
At this age the puppies will also begin to bark, wag their tails and interact much more with each other. Dogs are den animals, and at this age will naturally start to leave the den area to go to the toilet.
I am off to see them again next weekend and I'm sure I will see a huge difference from when we went last weekend. It should be much clearer to see their individual personalities starting to develop, and watch how they interact with each other and with humans.
Katy x


Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

oh me, oh my, aren't they just the sweetest wee puppies!

love and light, Jeannie xxxxxx

Blue said...

Gosh, what cute little pups.
Only another month till Cassidy will be able to come home with you..


Boo said...

oh, they are soooooo cute!

which one is cassidy in the 2nd pic? btw, solid food, is that means kibbles is allowed? i read that milk is not suitable coz it will make the pups have diarrhea.

wet wet licks


Ruby Bleu said...

So cute!!! Hungry little pups, huh and already enjoying their food!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Gus said...

Oh, I can just about smell the puppy breath

gussie's muzzer

Maggie & Mitch said...

They are just too cute for words! Get your beauty rest while you can, Harry!

Love ya lots,

Faya said...

Ohhhhh tous ces souvenirs !!!!! Comme je vous envie... Bises à tous, Véronique

4xBs said...

they are so so so so cute. and we LOVE long tails. we are very happy to see that they will have their long fluffy tails to give you a full happy wag.
thanks for these updates.

Joe said...

Puppy pics, quite possibly the BEST THING EVER!!!!

Noah the Airedale said...

Bet you can't wait Katy, only four more weeks until you become a two dale household...yay!!!!!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Katy
Thanks for the update of the cute puppies. We really can't wait for the moment Cassidy comes home!
Have a good night

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Those puppies are so cute. I hope all of them grow up healthy and get pawsome furever homes

~ Girl girl

Suki & Joey said...

Awww, how sweet! We can't wait to see which one will be your little Cassidy :)

Puggy kisses
Suki & Joey

Tofu Burger said...

How do you resist taking them home this very moment! Cassidy is a lucky kid!


Frasier said...

Oh my goodness,those puppies are so sweet!

Sophie Brador said...

Those are some smart pups -- already reading the newspaper.


Kirby said...

Oooohhh, they are all jsut too cute! Harry is going to be one very lucky big brother. Can't wait 'till Cassidy comes home and your family is complete.

Your Pal,


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

We cant wait to see Cassidy.

Boy n Baby

Amber-Mae said...

Oh, their fuzzy dale fur is beginning to grow out already! They are sooo adorable & healthy looking.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Huskee Boy said...

I really don't know how you can pick one out from all the cuties!! I wanna bring all of them home!

Mojo said...

Funny isn't it, how even at 4 weeks Airedales have a little Dale moustache thing going.

I met my parents for the first time when I was 4 weeks old, and I peed all over Mum's hand. And she still chose me!

Can't wait for Cassidy to come home. Of course, Harry will be the perfect tutor.


Clover said...

Aww!! Look at how cute they are! My mom came to visit me when I was three weeks old and picked me out. When do you get to choose which puppy will be Cassidy?
Love Clover xo

Asta said...

Hi Harry!
You wewe the best BBQ chef in the wowld at Butchy's cookout.thank you so much fow youw hawd I see why you say you like fine dining! I enjoyed the walk we had too and I hope you liked the eaw wubbies I gave you when you wewe lying down!
Those baby puppies awe toocute fow wowds! Cassidy will be such a little'll have youw wowk cut out fow you,teahing wise airyways! Hope you had lots of yummies and good snoozes awe Oscaw's flowews doing..I still think of him aways,and will nevew stop..wemembew! Love is fowevew!
smoochie kisses

Momo :) said...

OMD, all these pups are just SOOOOOO adorable!! :)

Momo xoxo

Caz said...

Hi Im ludo, the pups look gorgeous I bet you cant wait to se them again. Caz says it brings back memories when I was a pup.Bet you can't wait to bring cassidy home.
Look forward to reading more.

caz and Ludo

Jackson said...

Hey pals, can't wait to see more photos! J x

Sir Chance-Lot said...

Oh My ll have a "nursery" going there soon..Ah how happy we are for you, and if possible your new home will soon be even happier with a little princess arriving.

Scrappy and Pebbles said...

Awwww puppies. Our mom loves puppies .... puppy breath, puppy kisses. it is such fun following their progress.

tail wags
Scrappy and Pebbles

Jake of Florida said...

A hooray of Harrys. That's our favorite so far.

Very Brit.

Jake and JH

Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

How cute! Makes us miss the days when we were all together as a litter of puppies!

PreciOus said...

The puppies are looking good! Whichever one Cassidy is, he/she will be so adorable!


Stanley said...


Those puppies are so cute! Keep the photos coming! Any idea yet which one is Cassidy?

Hard to believe any of us Dales were ever that small...

Goober love,

Ferndoggle said...

Be still my heart! They are so precious. I can't wait to find out which one is Cassidy!


Reina said...


I hope they will all grow up well!


Sunshade said...

OMG!! We all looked like little black sausages????? The CUTEST ones tho!!

They looked like they were eating raw food???? Cassidy is gonna be one strong/healthy pup!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Scruffy & Lacie said...

We're barkless, Harry. Meeting you at Butchie's pawty was the best. What a handsome gentleman you are. Do you date?
The pups are very very little! It's hard to believe that Dales are so tiny when babies. Hope you can make it to the costume barkday pawty we're throwing on Oct. 27th for 6 Barkday celebrants. See our blog for the update. The party's growing!!!!!

Lakie kisses to Cassidy and keep one for yourself, Kind Sir!

Flirt, Wink...Lacie

Koobuss said...

The puppies are just beautiful. How nice that you are able to watch them grow and develop. Can't wait to see the next batch of pictures.

I just love puppies!I

Koobuss Kisses,
Koobie and Mom