Thursday, 13 December 2007

My 7 Annoyances

Hello all. Thanks for all your kind messages about Flakes and our friend Harley. I am feeling a bit better and trying to be cheery as I know neither of them would want me to be sad, but rather rememebr the happy and lovely things about them both.

Have you seen the state of my eyebrows?! I am reliably informed that ma is trimming them for me shortly. I know I am becoming well know around DWB and my neighbourhood for my big bushy brows, but they have reached critical mass I fear, and they are flopping in my eyes the whole time.

Oh, and excuse the state of my beard. Just finished my dinner you see, and hadn't yet had time to wipe my mouth.

Look how big they are! I think they need some thinning as well as shortening. Shame Stanley's competition isn't a brow growing rather than beard growing competition as my beard is decidely wimpy in comparison.

I think I'll look much younger once they're trimmed. Pa likes the fluffy Airedale look, so he is letting me grow my coat over the winter as long as I agree to be regularly brushed. I'll look ever more like a big teddy bear! As Cassidy will have her coat stripped, she is already starting to be plucked of her puppy curls. She doesn't seem to care though, and she actually gets sleepy while ma is doing it!

Anyway, on to the job in hand. Young Finni tagged me to list my 7 main annoyances so here we go.

1. When friends are poorly or pass away. I wish we didn't have to have this sadness, but sadly, such is life. Doesn't mean I can't get very cross and annoyed about it though.

2. When ma and pa make me sit and wait once my dinner bowl is on the floor. I never used to have to wait at my old house, and at first I used to bark and bark and keep trying to get at my bowl, but ma and pa are tough and never gave in until my derriere had been planted on the floor for at least 5 seconds. Now I can wait a decent amount of time without hopping and barking, but I still get annoyed that I can't just dive right in!

3. It annoys me that I can't go and say hello to every single dog we meet when out walking. I like to go and have a friendly sniff and pass the time of day, but ma only lets me if it's a dog we know or she asks if it's OK. She won't cross the road so I can say hello to random dogs on the other side. Annoying!

4. I'm a tad peeved that the grass in the garden has been fenced off. Yes, I know it's incredibly boggy and that I don't actually like getting my feet wet all that much, but there's a big area of the garden that I can't patrol now. I have been allowed on it the last few mornings as there's been a hard frost and the ground has been solid, so I've had a quick recce of the perimeter to ensure all is well.

5. I can get annoyed if Cassidy is continually pulling my beard/ears/tail/private parts. Trouble is I bark at her and she pays absolutely no attention. I think I need to work on my communication skills as it keeps falling to ma and pa to tell her when enough's enough.

6. I don't like being in the car with the windows closed as I feel much happier if there's a breeze on my face, but now it's getting chillier ma and pa aren't so keen on fresh air racing into the car. I think they need to toughen up, they think I need to make do with the air blower, harumph!

7. I get annoyed with myself that I still haven't worked out how to successfuly empty a stuffed Kong! I had never even seen one before moving here. I love having one, but I'll be darned if I can get bits of biscuit/banana/apple or whatever out. Peanut butter, yes. Marmite, no problem. Soft cheese, easy peezy. But anything solid and it's a no go. Rather frustrating as I love my food, and very embarrassing as Cassidy can get most stuf out of hers in a very short time. Any tips?

Play along if you want and let me know your annoyances!

Toodle pip,

Harry x


Lesley Rigby said...

Harry, Has anyone ever told you - you have a beautiful nature!
You are so kind to Cassidy when she pulls at your private parts!!

I saw an Airedale the other day and guess who I thought of straight away? You of course.
Lots of Hugs and kisses.

Ferndoggle said...

We ARE alike, Harry!! I am a Kong Kleaning Master...I'm gonna do a post about it to help you out.


Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Harry...
Your brows are amazing. I sure hope your Ma doesn't cut too much off!!! Even if she does you will still be very very handsome!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Agatha and Archie said...

We love your brows!!! We agree with the kong bits sometimes it is just not worth that much time and energy!!!!!! Love A+A

Asta said...

I think youw bwows awe fabulous! And I love a teddy beaw look..I so agwee with#1..I get so angwy and sad..I can't empty a kong eithew,so I have no know anytime the cawds get hewe it will be gweat!sometimes latew cawds awe abiggew suwpwise....I was vewy sowwy to heaw about Harley..I wote yestewday to Noah..stay well
smoochie kisses to both of you

Gus and Louie said...

We think you just beautiful the way you are. Louie and I are blue heelers so we don't have those beautiful curls. Dad says we are made like ducks the water runs off our backs but we have a soft undercoat... gus and louie

Arabella said...

I know what I do with the bits in my kong I can't get out - I bring it to my mom (or the nearest person) again and again until they empty it for me. Sometimes they don't get it and I end up just playing fetch - silly humans.

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Harry,
I thought your bushy eyebrows make you look absolutely dashing!
PS : I never liked playing with kongs. It's too much work.

Snowball said...

Harry, I think you look different from other Airedales because of your bushy eye brows so I can tell that its you in the picture right away.

I am afraid I can't help much in giving you advice on how to clear out the Kong thingy cos I never had 1 before. hmmmph... I see that most of my friends has at least 1...I am so deprived... Perhaps you can learn from Cassidy about how to ge the treats out or bribe mum and day to make the treats smaller so that it will fall out easier.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Harry
I love your brows! You look very handsome!
It must be annoying having Cassidy bitting all you... even your private parts!
I am not good with staying still commands! I want my food right nooooow!
Have a good night

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Harry,
I am in the same boat.. I have to sit and wait for the 'go' command before each meal.. It sure stinks.. But well, the food made the wait seem worthwhile!

Gus said...

Harry old chap! Muzzer likes the fluffy teddy bear look too, but right now it has gone to extremes. We are past the poodle point, and I heard her telling dad last night that she was gonna cancell my grooming 'pointment and volunteer me to be the sheep in the live Nativity scene. I did not think that was nice or funny.

I like your list of annoyances. Teka bites at my ears and privates too, sometimes (not often) I tell her off good and then have a couple hours peace. Because I am a nice guy like my dad (and you) she thinks she can take vantage of me.

kisses to a fellow distressed male

Girl Girl Hamster said...

You look really cute with the bushy eyebrows Harry. I hope you'll work out how to empty out a Kong soon.

~ Girl girl

Maggie & Mitch said...

We love your eyebrows, Harry! They're very lush and beautiful! Wow! At 10 years old your mum got you to wait for your food?? We're very impressed! We don't wait around here and mom doesn't enforce the rule thank goodness!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Amber-Mae said...

Harry, I think you still look handsome with those busy eyebrows & wet beard.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Molly and Taffy said...

Hi Harry

Let us see your eyebrows once they have been trimmed. I am sure you will still be as handsome as ever and the woolly look for winter is so "in" at the moment. You truly are a trendy gent!
Molly and Taffy

Jackson said...

Hey Harry, I like the Dennis Healey look! Thanks for your pawsome card, it arrived this morning! J x

Maddie & Frankie said...

Hi Harry,

Nice to meet you! You are so cute!
You look totally awesome just the way you are. And I am sure you will look great when they give you the trim. Ok, the kongs are stuffed are a bit of a Mom just does the peanut butter thing, so I understand your pain, it's like a big tease. You would think our humans were trying to keep us entertained or something..Hmmmmm

Your cards should be there soon from us!

Frankie Grrl

Finni said...

So ... little sisters pull private parts, eh? That would annoy me too. I was thinking of asking Santa for a little sister but now I'm not so sure ...
Ok, my tip to empty a stuffed Kong is to really chew the whole thing until everything inside a mushy pulp. Biscuits should just fall out and bananas/apples are turned into a similar consistency as peanut butter.
Let me know if that works.

Your friend Finni xx

Xsara ... said...

Your brows are awesome :) You look very cool!
Love from Xsara

Comet and BLU said...

Here's how to empty the solid bits from your Kong -
1. give your full kong to Cassidy
2. Let her empty the solid stuff out.
3. Steal them from Cassidy
4. Enjoy at your leisure
Comet and BLU

ps. Thanks for your card. It's so festive.

Cubby said...

Dakota simply eats the Kong to get at the food inside. Works like a charm.

4xBs said...

Hi Harry, you are such a gentle natured boy. we like your bushy eyebrows. mom says they look 'sexy'. hee hee.

we like your 7 annoyances. we can see that you've done some thinking on this subject. and rightfully so. a dog has a right to gripe, just as much as anyone else.


Lacy said...

woofies Cassidy and Harry, me finkin u lookies sexy wiff u bushy eyebrows Harry...heehee bitey face is these young- uns fun game....

b safe,

Anonymous said...

We love your eyebrows Harry - they really give you some character!


Simba said...

I don't notice the humans sitting and waiting before they get their dinner. Why do we have too?

Simba xx

Stanley said...

Hey, Harry my Boy!

You and I could have our own little eyebrow growing contest. It takes forever for my girl to groom my face, and mine are dangerously bushy.

I share many of the same annoyances with you. When it comes to communication, my girl allows me to snap at Stella (as long as I don't nip her) when she's doing something like pulling on my boy bits. Nothing else seems to get her attention, and then she won't pull on them anymore (that day). Since I don't growl at her or snap at her otherwise, my girl lets me get away with it.

Wish I had some advice about the Kong, man, but I'm not too good with it either.

Goober love,

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Peanut butter an Marmite! YUM!!! Hav yu tryd putting butter an Marmite on toast, an then cheez on top, an puttin it under the grill??? Get yor Ma to try that wun! Oh woowwwww that is hevven! Hehehee!

We bort a kong for Grandad's poodol wunce an he cuddent get it to werk at all so he jus berreed it.

It's reelly straytin to heer abowt havin to wayte to eet yor dinner. Hooz dinner is it arfter all? Bummer.

Hope yu get yor brows trimmd soon. Yu look all worreed wen there long an bushy. Mind yu, it must be good for spyin. I meen, I bet yu can watch peepol wivout them seein! Hehehe!



2shibas said...

We *love* your bushy brows, Harry! They make you look dignified and stuff.

Wiley & Fievel

Joe Stains said...

I think your eyebrows make you look quite distinguished, but I could see how they may get in the way. It sounds to me like Cassidy might need a little shove to go with that bark, maybe then she will get the message? Younger siblings take SO much training!!! Not sure on the Kong thing, do you own any knives Hehe :)

Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

Ha Ha! Princess here! When I was apup I figured out that boys do the funniest dance when you bite their boy bits! I did it all the time until dad made me stop. Poor Harry. Good thing you've probably had the more sensitive bits removed!

Mojo said...

Your brows are amaaaazing! It makes you look most distinguished.
I'm a bit gobsmacked that Cassidy nods off while being stripped - I am a holy terror of wriggling, toothsome complaint.
Can't help you with the kong, though. I can extract mushy stuff no problem but a one inch piece of breadcrust lasts for days before Mum throws it out. Embarrassing. If you find out the technique, let me know!


Girasol said...

you have a nice eyebrows I think that is your singnature look!