Monday, 15 October 2007

Cassidy & Co 14th October

Well as you can imagine, I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Wales to see the puppies on Sunday. They were so much more active than two weeks ago and much more fun to play with!

As it was a mild day, David decided they could go outside for a play. They had a bit of lunch but weren't overly enthusiastic. Perhaps it was too different having their dinner outside when they're only just getting used to eating solid food. Or perhaps they were too interested in investigating me!

They are being very good at keeping their bedroom area in the house clean. As soon as they got outside nearly all of them did their business.

All the pups were very inquisitive, coming to have a look at me and the camera. Once David came back from making me a cuppa he asked why I hadn't got in the run with them, so I quickly did and had 6 puppies trying to get on my lap!

They all have their sharp little puppy teeth now, so were testing them out on everything, my fingers and wrist included. One the whole they weren't biting hard though.

Maggie is a fantastic mum. She is happy for anyone to play with the pups and just keeps an eye on things. Even though all their teeth are through, she never makes a whimper when they are suckling even though they are obviously clinging on to her with their teeth!

They all seem to like going in their crate when it's time for a nap. We will use a crate, so this is good news. It will keep the pup safe overnight and when we have to go out, and mean Harry can have some peace and quiet too.

They looked so cute all snuggling in together. I guess whoever ended up at the bottom of the pile was very cosy!

Here's mum Maggie. She really is the most beautiful looking girl with a sweet nature to match. I'm sure she will miss the pups when they go off to their new homes (though one girl is staying), but I'm also sure she'll be ready for some rest and recuperation.

Here's Annie. She is also the sweetest little thing. She adores the puppies too, and is like a protective aunt, always checking to make sure they're all OK.

I went on my own today, so was obviously not going to pick a puppy without Martin being there, but I didn't get drawn to any one in particular despite being there for 5 hours! They are all so gorgeous, and all seemed equally confident, healthy and happy. David said they will decide which one they are keeping next week, then we will have second choice. They are keeping a girl, and another couple who popped over today really, really want a girl too, so there is one girl and all 3 of the boys left.

We will go back next weekend or during the following week after to see them all and decide. We're also going to take Harry over to meet everyone.

And now for the best bit! Some puppy films! Here's Maggie giving the pups a quick milk fix. She feeds standing up now and it won't be long now before the pups aren't getting any milk and are totally weaned onto solids. As you can see, although looking a bit long suffering, she doesn't complain about the six little piranha 'Dales clinging to her.

Here are the 6 little tykes doing their thing - chasing leaves, playing, eating, testing out their teeth and investigating the strange human pointing a camera at them!

And here they are investigating a cardboard tube. They are just starting to become interested in toys and playing, so in the coming weeks will be introduced to various items, most of which will undoubtedly be tested out with the teeth!

And after a long afternoon, it was time to snuggle up in a big puppy heap for a snooze, after a bit more biting of tails and ears of course!


Caz said...

Great to hear that you had a fantastic time veiwing the pups again.I bet you can't wait to pick your cassidy, won't be long now.They all looked so well and confident it is so exciting.
Look forward to your next update.Hoping that Harry is still doing well.
Caz and Ludo

jaffeboy said...

Oh... they are the cutest!!!

They still look like little balls. I love clumpsy puppies. Wish I could have all of them in my arms!!!

Jaffe's Mom...

Molly and Taffy said...

They are absolutely adorable.

Great that Harry can visit as well next time.

Molly and Taffy

Faya said...

Oh c'est trop beau ! Ils sont tous si attentifs et curieux de tout ! Quelle joie tu as du avoir...
Bisous, VĂ©ronique et Faya

Clover said...

Aww! They are so so cute! Can't wait till Cassidy comes home, I bet you can't wait either!
Love Clover xo

Sophie Brador said...

Katy, They are so cute. I just love how wobbly new puppies are. It would be hard to pick just one. I remember when Sophie was a pup with all her mates. I don't feel like I picked her at all. I don't actually feel like I had a choice. She was the only blondie in a litter of browns and just stood out so much because of it that I kept noticing her every move. I really did mean to get a chocolate boy. What can I say? The best of the bunch picked me, as far as I can tell.

Ferndoggle said...

They are getting SO big! I could watch puppies play all day long. And we are so anxious to find out which one is Cassidy!! Lola totally picked me. It was love at first sight!


Maggie & Mitch said...

They're so cute and so quiet! I guess they'll probably get more vocal as time goes on!
I'm glad Harry gets to go next time!

Love ya lots,

Ruby Bleu said...

OMdogginess they are just too cute for words. Don't you want to just take ALL of them home???? I can't wait to hear what Harry has to say about them!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Tofu Burger said...

Oh Boy! Can't wait to see the pics of when Harry gets to meet pups. They are just so adorably irresistible.


4xBs said...

they sure are a cute little bunch of kiddos. it will be interesting to see how Harry is with them. their mother is very patient. we can't wait to see which one you pick to be Cassidy.

Joe said...

Mom just LOVED the doggy videos!!! she said those puppies are too cute and you should probably just get all of them ;)

Lorenza said...

Hi, Katy
All of them are adorable! Its pretty hard not to fall in love with all of them! Its very nice to see them in action!
Yes, I can't wait for the day Harry meets them!
Have a good night

Kirby said...

Hi Katy,

Oh they are all so cute! How will you ever decide which one is Cassidy? Good thing Harry is coming with you, maybe he'll know which one is Cassidy. I'm glad you had such a good time, but I can't wait to see Cassidy once he/she is at home.

Your pal,

Gus said...

Oh my...muzzer is wearing out the videos again. but they sure are cute. And my favorits is the one that was the first to chew on your finger, and I think came back for a second taste.

kissies to all of them

Tell Harry to watch out for those teeth!

Anonymous said...

The Mom wants to know if you can smuggle out a puppy for us!! They are very cute!!!

Tell Harry we said hello!

Cubby said...

Ahhhh! Too much cuteness!

Koobuss said...

Oh Katie,

They are beautiful!!! All of them!! How can you ever choose? Good luck to you. Which ever one you pick, you will have a winner. They are terrific!

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

Girl Girl Hamster said...

All the puppies are so cute. The mother Maggie sure is very sweet too. can't wait to see which puppy you bring home

~ Girl girl

Amber-Mae said...

Oh, they are soooper-dorable dales! Look at all of them fighting for their mama's milky. Maggie is such a calm mother...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Huskee Boy said...

What else can I say except that they are all TOO adorable??!! Can't wait to find out whether Cassidy will be a boy or girl.. but whichever you pick, that pup is one lucky pup cos he/she is going to a great home.

FleasGang said...

Man, you guys must be totally excited. We think they are all adorable, but the one with the little white toes on his/her front paw is to die for!!

The Fleas

Mango & Party said...

They are all so cute! It must be really exciting to be able to start watching Cassidy and siblings grow. Really looking to more adventures Cassidy and Harry will have when Cassidy comes home with you!

Lots of loves,
Mango & Party

Stanley said...


Those pups are GORGEOUS! My girl is drooling over your videos. She has never had an Airedale pup that young before ~ they've all been adults, except me, but I was 10 months old when I adopted her.

It's sure going to be tough picking just one. Good thing Martin & Harry will be there to help out!

Can't wait to meet Cassidy!

Goober love,

osKar the Airedale said...

Yes, they really are all too adorable for words!
But I have Cassidy narrowed down to two in the second from last video - either the one who tries to close the crate door (trouble maker puppy) or the one who opens it back up (do gooder puppy).
Thanks for sharing these photos and videos. It looks like you had a wonderful visit. Only a few more short weeks now until Cassidy is home with you!

Snowball said...

All the puppies look so adorable. Maggie is a really sweet girl.


Elke said...

Awwh! I remember Finni getting his back legs stuck on the crate opening because he was so small! They are beautiful! I'm not surprised you stayed 5 hours.

Elke x

Asta said...

That was a real treat !! Thank you ! watching those puppies finding out about the world and their sweet Mother being so very patient was just so wonderful to watch!
I bet Harry will be a big help i deciding who Cassidy're right it's going to be difficult,they"re all totally adorable..I love the one nibbling your finger,but they all do things that make you go awwwwwwww
smoochie kisses from
Asta and her parents

Miss Reina said...

The puppies are soooo cute!

I think I looked like that when I was that age...

Bogart said...

Cuteness overload!!!!!


Noah the Airedale said...

Not long now Katy but how do you choose??.... They are just bundles of cuteness. Maybe Harry will have a part in deciding which one is Cassidy. Great pics and great videos. Thanks.

Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy send tail wags and nose pokes.

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

All of them look so adorable. It is sure a tough decision to choose one.

Boy n Baby

Butchy & Snickers said...

Gosh, they are all so adorable. We can't believe you didn't get hooked to one pup in 5 hours!! We can hardly wait to meet Cassidy. Good luck picking one out, it will be a tough decision we know.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

oh my Katy, what adorable videos, and adorable Mum Maggie and Pups.

I sure would not know how to choose!

Thank you for taking the time to show us them all in action!

oh and could you "whisper" to Harry - Marvin has been nominated for Awesome Blog Award this month!

Much love, Jeannie xxxxx

Agatha and Archie said...

Oh Boy PL2 is talking about how cute puppies are! We hope she isnt getting any ideas!!!!! We LOVE the videos!!!! Love A+A

Mojo said...

Gosh I had almost forgotten how rolypoly and cute little Dale pups are. Chunky monkeys! And it's only a few months since Mojo was that small. Must be a form of amnesia - although it only takes a moment to recall the teeth.

Love the vid of Maggie being mobile milk bar to all those greedy little chops. she's a lovely steady mum, which bodes well for Cassidy's nature.

I am so having to fight the urge to get another Dale. But I think the cats and my man would leave home!

L (Mojo's mum)