Friday, 12 October 2007

Cassidy & Co at 5 Weeks

What a difference a week makes in a puppy's life! Look how they've grown! They are really looking like proper little Airedales now.

They are apparently playing and interacting lots with each other now and are pretty lively! Looks like they're testing out those crocodale teeth out here.

Here's the biggest pup in the litter with the smallest girl. She seems very healthy, just small.

Here's mum Maggie having a well deserved few minutes of peace and quiet. The pups are now eating two meals a day as well as taking milk from Maggie. At about this age she will start disciplining them with a little growl to limit their suckling time. With those razor sharp teeth emerging I think I'd be growling a bit too! She's lost weight after all the feeding and caring, so will start to regain some weight and condition over the coming weeks.

And yesterday the pups had their first foray into the garden! Apparently they took it all in their stride and had a good old nosy round with tails held confident and high.

It's great that they are getting lots of experiences now when they are still very young. It will mean their socialisation gets off to a fantastic start and they will get used to lots of different sights, smells, noises, people and situations.

Can't wait to see them on Sunday!! I wonder if we will get a feel of which one Cassidy is, or even if we may get to shortlist one or two? We should definitely be able to pick next weekend anyway (aged 6 weeks) as they will definitely decide which one(s) they are keeping at that point. Only 3 weeks now and Cassidy will be ready for home!

Katy x


Finni said...

They look like wonderfully healthy little pups! Just gorgeous!

Finni x

Lesley Rigby said...

I want one!

Molly and Taffy said...

Those pups sure have grown up so much in one week.

Harry, watch out for those sharp teeth when they arrive in 3 weeks time!!

Molly and Taffy

Ruby Bleu said...

They are getting so big!!! They really do look like 'dales now!!! I can't wait to see more pix after your visit this weekend!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Penny & Poppy said...

Hi Katy & Martin & Harry,

Those sure are cute little 'Dales!
Our mom wants ALL of them! No one can ever have too many Airedales! We hope the 3 weeks go by really fast, for you.

Poppy & Penny

Lorenza said...

Yes, a week makes a big difference! Sure they are growing pretty fast!
I hope next weekend you will know which one is our Cassidy!
Have a great weekend!

Huskee Boy said...

OMdoG... Those babies are look so different in such a short time.. They all look so chubby with their puppy-fat... I WANT ONE!! Can't wait for Cassidy to go home with you..

Faya said...

Ohhh ! Quoi dire de plus ? C'est trop beau.....
Bisous à tous, Véronique et Faya

Clover said...

Oh they are so cute!! Thanks so much for telling us about their development, and about how they are learning and everything - it's really interesting!!
Hope you have fun visiting this weekend!
Hi to Harry!
Love Clover xo

Maggie & Mitch said...

OMG, they are just so cute! ahhhhhhh that puppy breath!

Love ya lots,

Mojo said...

Love the three of them in the garden facing in different directions! Only needs one more to guard all points of the compass.

Gosh, was I ever that small and cute?


osKar the Airedale said...

They are absolutely adorable! And the long tails are just fabulous!
It's so wonderful to see them all playing together now. What a lively bunch. You guys are going to have your hands full soon, so get lots of rest now while you can.
Have fun on your visit this Sunday. We can't wait to hear how that goes.

Asta said...

Baby Air!! What a joyous sight!
they awe all totally adowable..I can't wait to heaw which one is Cassidy..fwankly they'we all pawfect!! those little tails held pwoudly and bwavely explowing..supew!!!Have a gweat time on youw visit this weekend!

Harry!, I'm saving up all my pokew winnings..maybe I can take a wound the wowld twip and visit all my fwiends! will they let me into the UK??
smoochie kisses

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

Oh Katy, they are the sweetest darn pups ever!

You will just "know" which one is for you, and this one will bear the proud name "Cassidy" and hey, I think it will be the feisty girl pup!

They are the darlingest ones.

Thanks for sharing your pics.

love and light Jeannie and Marvin xxxxxx

Katherine and Pippa, said...

We think they look totally different to grown up airedales. But some pups are like that.

Looking forward to the homecoming. It will be great to have two dogs. Wish we had two (or more) again.


Sophie Brador said...

Exciting stuff! Can't wait to see which pup makes the cut.


Noah the Airedale said...

Sunday cant come around fast enough right???? How cute are they!
One has white paws just like our Tess...cute!

Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

The Airechicks said...

OMDog Katy, Martin & HARRY:

They are TOO cute....

Harry to you get to go along to meet the pups ???

Have a wonderful weekend - Take some snaps of Harry & the pups can't wait for you update...

Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

Hi Everypup and peeps! Gosh those pups look cute! We were that size at birth. Harry, we hear you've been countersurfing! We get in lots of trouble for that!

That gal pup may be small but look at her head help high! She's one feisty princess, we'd say!

Stop by our blog and help us choose a picture, K? Havea great weekend!

Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...
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Deefor said...

They are all sooo cute. The right one will pick you. And I'm sure Harry will help.


4xBs said...

those pups are too cute. we think it's amazing how small they start out and then how fast they grow and get big. Benson is growing too and he started out little like that.

Kirby said...


How exciting! They really do look like airedale pups now. With three weeks to go, you guys must be so excited. I can't wait to see which one ends up as Cassidy. Harry must be so proud he will soon be a big brother.

Your Pal,

Stanley said...

Looks like Aire Heaven to me!! Love the tails, love the attitude. Tell us all about them and let us guess which one you're going to get. Can't wait to see who adopts you!

Goob love,

Bogart said...

What happy cute little pups they are! I love 'em when they're that small and the tails stick straight up :)


Lacy said...

woofies all!!! deyyyy soooo ya cants wait...i wants a puppy now...iz it sunday yet, sooo we can sees more pickturs...

b safe,


Hi Harry great to see yoy have settled in so well and a new brother or sister (or both) on the way. Bet you can't wait to play with them, try not to get too excited as he or she will only be little and mind those sharp teeth!
Look forward to seeing more piccies soon

Love and licks
Abby and Holly

Scrappy and Pebbles said...

Soon you will be smelling that delicious puppy breath and getting puppy kisses.....
LoL those puppies are bigger than our Pebbles who is 6mths old today.

Scrappy and Pebbles

Amber-Mae said...

Oh, they are growing bigger every week! Hmmm, I wonder which one will be Cassidy. I hope Cassidy will be a girl coz you both have not had a girl Airedale before & plus, I think the name Cassidy suits a girl better, don't ya think? But it's up to you both ofcourse... They all are sooo adorable!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

jaffeboy said...

Goodness me, the puppies are soooooo cute!!!

Can't wait to meet Cassidy.

I want to say a big Hello to Harry. I'm so happy that you are settling well in your new home. I'm sure you are in good paws!

Pacco de Mongrel said...

enjoy those puppy pic very much...i know they will all soon grow up to be strong n healthy

Gus said...

Mom looks a bit shell shocked, but otherwise seems to be taking it in stride. Muzzer loves the little puppy bellies!

How come? When my belly looks like that she puts ME on a diet!


Gus said...

Mom looks a bit shell shocked, but otherwise seems to be taking it in stride. Muzzer loves the little puppy bellies!

How come? When my belly looks like that she puts ME on a diet!


Agatha and Archie said...

OOhhhhh we just wnat to smoosh them they are all so adorable!!!! Love A+A

Joe Stains said...

they are soo adorable. It is so neat to see how they start off looking like little furballs and emerge into bootiful airedogs!

Butchy & Snickers said...

Awwwwh, they are so adorable! Mama would have a hard time picking just one of them. Be sure to pick the one that keeps coming over to you for attention and do funny whistle noises to see which ones perk up their ears, hehehehe! We bet you can hardly wait til next weekend.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers


What a cute, lively litter of pups. They certainly have grown fast since your first post about them. Do you have any idea yet which one Cassidy will be?
Harry I bet you will make a great role model for the new addition when it arrives. Mum was very happy to have my help when Dixie came along!

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Good Evening, Harry!
Your future Dale sib looks off to a great start! Perhaps, you should just go in and call Cassidy's name...I'm sure the correct one will answer. Of course, it has to be in Dale speak...ur mum and dad perhaps aren't fluent in that puppy dalespeak vernacular! Thank your for ur recent inquiries regarding my health and recent surgery. Other that being a bit sore with steps, I'm feeling back to normal. The ice cream diet is helping tremendously!

Lakie licks...Lacie

Can't wait for the next puppy update!!!!!

Scruffy said...

Oooo! They look so gorgeous. Makes me want to have another baby brother or sister too. No I'm joking. One is enough.

The Mighty Scruff

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh those little puppies are all so cute.. Can't wait to see Cassidy home with Harry. :)

~ Girl girl